Other Research Supervisors

The following are lists of Higher Degrees by Research (HDR) supervisors who are not based in any of the Academic Colleges. The listings are intended for use by current and prospective research students seeking academic advice and potential supervisors. Students supervised by these supervisors will still base in one of the academic Colleges.

Need help finding a Supervisor?

If you are looking for a supervisor and would like help, please do not hesitate to contact the HDR Coordinator in the relevant School.

For supervisors:

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School index


Dr David Hodges
Research Interests: Workplace based research and learning, international and development education.


Professor Heinrich Schmidt
Research Interests: Software Engineering, Parallel and Distributed Systems Architecture, Trusted Components and Services, Safety, Reliability, Verification, WCET, Testing, Formal Software Design, Model-Based Checking and Monitoring, Parallel OO Programming and Systems

Dr Ian Thomas
Research Interests: Software engineering; Data curation; High performance computing; Distribution systems; Service oriented computing.

Enabling Capability Platforms

Dist. Professor Billie Giles-Corti
Research Interests: Urban design and urban planning and health outcomes. Our team links geospatial data with health and travel-related survey data to study relationships with the built environment; and to evaluate urban planning policies.

Dist. Professor Larissa Hjorth
Research Interests: Mobile media; Socio-cultural use of media technologies in the Asia-Pacific region; Gender and gaming; Art and new media; Camera phone studies/ new visualities

Professor Mark Sanderson
Research Interests: Personal information management, Evaluation of search engines, Geographic search, Cross language IR (CLIR), Summarisation, Image retrieval by captions, Word sense ambiguity

Professor Julian Thomas
Research Interests: Media, communications and information policy, Histories of new communications technologies, Digital inclusion

Learning and Teaching Academy

Assoc Professor Debra Bateman
Research Interests: Future studies, Future education, Curriculum, Pedagogy, Education policy, Social media, Information communication technologies, Learning space, Higher education, Qualitative research methodologies

Dr Juliana Ryan
Research Interests: Communities of practice, Inclusive curriculum and pedagogy, Academic identities, Higher education, Widening participation and student diversity, Discourse analysis, Discursive psychology, Narrative research methodologies

Dr Julie Willems
Research Interests: Higher Education, Scholarship of teaching and learning (SOTL); Blended learning; Distance learning; Educational equity; Digital equity; Social media

Learning Analytics

Assoc Professor Pablo Munguia Matute
Research Interests: Ecology, Evolution, Animal behavior, Learning analytics, Statistics, Marine biology

Organisational Development

Dr Helen Smith
Research Interests: Learning theory, Vocational education, Standards-based regulatory systems, Tertiary education, Associate degrees, work-based learning and assessment, Assessment policy and practice

Policy and Impact

Professor David Hayward
Research Interests: Public policy, urban policy, social policy, public sector management

PVC Office - Science, Engineering and Health

Dist. Professor Suresh Bhargava
Research Interests: Air pollution control, vehicular emissions.

Professor Peter Coloe
Research Interests: Molecular biology and microbiology, especially in relation to identification of virulence factors and the development of vaccines for enteric disease in animals, particularly pigs and poultry. Other interests include, salmonella infections, drugs and dise

Professor Irena Cosic
Research Interests: Biomedical engineering, biomolecular electronics, bioelectromagnetism, bioinformatics, signal processing.

Dr Krishna Kadali
Research Interests: Environmental Microbiology and Molecular microbial ecology

Dr Muthu Pannirselvam
Research Interests: Chemical engineering, fluid mechanics, materials, concrete, environmental engineering, resource recovery, minerals, ore processing, characterization of materials, fluid flow analysis, design of experiments, OHS

Dr Ian Peake
Research Interests: Software architecture and component-based development. Software programming pafadigms. Embedded and real-time systems. Software maintenance and reverse engineering.

Dr Jochen Schroeder
Research Interests: Optical communications, Photonics, Spectral pulse shaping, Optical instrumentation, Space division multiplexing, Optical OFDM, Wavelength selective switches, Imaging through turbulent media

Dr Vijay Prasad Sivan
Research Interests: Microfabrication, Integrated optics, Lab-on-a-chip platforms supporting biomedical research

Dr Liliana Zalizniak
Research Interests: Etoxicology, Aquatic Ecology

Research and Innovation

Professor Calum Drummond
Research Interests: Nanomaterials, Drug delivery vehicles, Medical imaging agents, Ionic liquids, Multifunctional materials, Colloid and surface science

Assoc Professor Barbara Polus
Research Interests: Somatosensory inputs from the neck and postural control, somatoautonomic reflexes in awake humans, surface electromyography to determine status of back muscles.

Research Capability

Dr Reza Mohammed
Research Interests: Metals, fracture, fatigue

Dist. Professor Xinghuo Yu
Research Interests: Control Systems Engineering, Intelligent Systems,Engineering, Smart Grids, Smart Metering, Complex Systems and Networks,Modelling and Optimisation, Decision Support Systems.

RMIT Administration

Dr Michael Burton
Research Interests: Computer Aided Product Design and Manufacturing; Sports Engineering; User-centred Design; Product Customisation

RMIT Design Archives

Professor Harriet Edquist
Research Interests: Australian architecture and design in the 20th and 21st centuries; Australian automobile design; design archives as a locus for practice-based research

RMIT Europe

Professor Tom Holbrook
Research Interests: Architecture, Urban design, Landscape, Planning, Strategy

Professor Johan Van Den Berghe
Research Interests: Architectural drawing, Vertical section, Technics, Poetics, Construction practice, Thickness-substance-depth-darkness, Landscape, Eye level in the (central) perspective, New drawing techniques to understand chronologies in consruction practice

School of Graduate Research

Dr Robyn Barnacle
Research Interests: Research practice and knowledge generation; research education: pedagogy, practice and policy; ontology and learning.

Professor Denise Cuthbert
Research Interests: Higher education; international higher education; research development; higher degree by research policy, management and pedagogy; research cultures and researcher development with a focus on HE in developing countries.

Student Success

Dr Judy Maxwell
Research Interests: Tertiary literacies; Tertiary teaching and learning, Research degree programs.

Vocational Education

Dr Angelina Russo
Research Interests: Explorations in media and their applications to cultural communication. investigations into digital content creation and multiiplatform distribution and the impact of social media on learning and communication. Impact of social media on design innovation,