Managing and measuring your research impact

Manage your research profile, showcase your research through the RMIT Research Repository and track the impact of your research over time.

Add your publications to the RMIT Research Repository

The open access RMIT Research Repository showcases RMIT staff research publications, increasing their visibility and impact. Ensure that your research is added to the Repository by reporting eligible research outputs.

The Repository is also the central location for all RMIT University digital theses, providing world-wide exposure to research by RMIT higher degree graduates.

Manage your researcher profile and promote your research

Establish and maintain your researcher profile and communicate your research to increase your research impact and attract collaborators.

Use major research identifier registers to create and manage your profile as a researcher, ensuring that all of your research publications are identified with you.

Share your publications and promote your research through academic networks and by blogging or tweeting about your research.

Additional help

RMIT University provides policies, procedures and advice on the use of social media by students and staff members.

Track the impact of your research

Our ‘Research impact guide’ covers a range of tools and resources that will help you to measure and demonstrate the quality and impact of your research. It includes sections on citation, journal, book and researcher impact, as well as altmetrics.