Marketing and communications

Our group provides a range of essential services to manage RMIT's brand, generate media coverage and deliver communications strategies and web marketing.

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Advertising and marketing campaigns


  • Manage RMIT advertising in relation to brand, student recruitment campaigns and program functional advertising, which covers planning and booking of media and production of advertising material that meets brand guidelines
  • Management of media and creative agency relationships and contracts
  • Post-campaign reports
  • Advice on DVD production
  • Advice on copywriting for advertising


Pamela Ferriman

For advertising requests, refer to advertising procedure.

RMIT Marketing Campaigns

  • Coordinate and support campaigns such as: Open Day, Postgraduate, Midyear and Change of Preference
  • Maximise RMIT applications for Vocational Education, Degree and Postgraduate programs
  • Analyse and report key performance indicators and application targets


Sandra Schipano

Media and communications


  • Generating media coverage
  • Vice-Chancellor's media
  • Responding to media enquiries
  • Compiling daily media briefs
  • Issues management
  • Media advice and training to staff


  • Communication strategies and high-level media advice
  • RMIT News including home page news and events content curation
  • Speech writing for senior executives
  • Project communications and communication strategies
  • News and event content curation for RMIT’s Global and Europe websites
  • Internal communications including RMIT Update, We Are RMIT
  • Marketing and Communications Forum
  • The annual Media Star awards event
  • Corporate publications and communication services and advice

  • Support and training for internal stakeholders who communicate to future students

Jacqueline Partridge


Brand support

  • Assist with visual direction in accordance with RMIT Brand Identity Manual
  • Provide advice and support on integration of brand policy to stakeholders
  • Liaise with brand agency
  • Provide brand training to external suppliers
  • Educate new staff on brand policy

Brand compliance

  • Approval process and support for application/implementation of RMIT identity/logo

For marketing approval of collateral designed by external design agency, complete a Pre-Approval form and submit to .

Logo approval

  • Approval process and support to ensure application of RMIT logo is compliant with RMIT Brand Policy

Please submit your request to use the RMIT University logo.

Digital media and web marketing

Social Media

  • Official RMIT Social Media channel management, including content creation/curation
  • Setup and maintenance support and advice

Digital signage

  • Cross-campus content management and distribution


Luke Joiner

Website maintenance

  • Online program summary content updates
  • Study with us, Life at RMIT, Engagement and Vocational Education intranet maintenance

Mobile sites and applications

  • Mobile solution development and implementation
  • Interface advice


David Glanz

Digital campaign support

  • Campaign landing page development
  • Event registration page setup and reporting


Adriel Cahir

Digital media production

  • Online media production and digital branding
  • Video production
  • Podcasts and iTunesU content

Creative services

Project requests can be submitted online.

University publications

  • Creative direction, design and layout
  • Coordination of print production

Design and visual brand application

  • Creative direction, design and support for implementation of the RMIT brand identity for marketing collateral

Creative resource management

  • Provide advice, direction and coordinate external resources to support development and generation of visual collateral

Policy and procedures