16 May 2011

MS Office 2010 roll out to centrally managed teaching spaces

In response to demand, ITS is expediting a rollout of Office 2010 (on the XP platform) to key operational areas including all teaching spaces managed by Property Services.

This is being done in advance of the project to upgrade the entire University PC fleet to Windows 7/Office 2010 in 2012.

The next targeted areas are the centrally managed teaching spaces overseen by Property Services in the College of Design and Social Context and the College of Science, Engineering and Health. This work will be completed during the mid-semester break in preparation for semester 2, 2011. The teaching spaces in the College of Business in Building 108 have already had Office 2010 installed.

As Office 2010 has a different look and feel and functionality from Office 2003, teaching and academic staff are encouraged to familiarise themselves with an overview. Staff may also request to have Office 2010 (PCs) or Office 2011 (Macs) installed on their individual workstations by contacting the IT Helpdesk. Although ITS does not offer face-to-face training in Office 2010, the following companies do: Wizard Corporate Training, New Horizons, and Advanced Training. Staff may also contact ITS Training for general advice.

Important note: Users of TRIM or the Web Publishing System should be aware of compatibility issues between these applications and Office 2010. However, workarounds have been established; assistance may be sought by contacting the IT Helpdesk. These issues will be resolved as part of the University-wide upgrade in 2012.

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