Assoc Professor Philip Wilksch


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Science, Engineering and Health

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PhD ( Adelaide ), B Sc Hons ( Adelaide )

Teaching/Work responsibilities

  • Coordination of Optics Laboratories
  • Program leader for undergraduate and Honours Applied Physics degrees

Research Interests

Application of optical techniques to measurement and sensing applications, including

  • Holography
  • Interferometry
  • Speckle Correlation and Interferometry
  • Fourier Optics
  • Digital Image Processing
  • Photometry
  • Spectrophotometry
  • Colorimetry
  • Polarimetry
  • Optical Design
  • Laser Applications

Research Projects, Consultancy and Student Project

  • Digital speckle pattern interferometry:
    Laser illumination, video camera recording and digital image capture and processing are used to measure very small displacements, distortions and vibrations of objects. Applications to non-destructive testing of structures and materials are studied.
  • Optical characterisation of surfaces and thin films:
    The reflecting properties of materials are measured to give information on their composition and structure. The techniques of reflectance spectroscopy and spectroscopic ellipsometry are used.
  • Consultancies:
    Advice and custom measurement service provided to local industries in the areas mentioned under Research Interests.


Journal Articles

  1. R. Feiel and P. Wilksch, High-resolution laser speckle correlation for displacement and strain measurement, Applied Optics 39, 54-60 (2000)
  2. R.A. O’Sullivan, K.W. McGregor, S. Cianci, R. Sacca, P.A. Wilksch and J.F. Scott, Temperature profile during spontaneous aperiodic optical bistability oscillations in lead magnesium niobate, Japan Journal of Applied Physics 35, 5203-5209 (1996)
  3. P.A. Wilksch, The instrument function of the Fabry-Perot spectrometer, Applied Optics 24, 1502 - 1511 (1985)

Conferences Papers/Publications

  1. P.A. Wilksch and R. Feiel, High resolution laser speckle correlation for displacement and strain measurement, 12th Conference of the Australian Optical Society, University of Sydney, 7-9 July, 1999
  2. H. Sakulin, P.A. Wilksch and T. Neger, Hochpräzise Echtzeit-Dehnungsmessung mittels digitaler Speckle-Interferometrie unter Einsatz eines Phasenschiebeverfahrens. 18th Conference of DVM (German Association for Materials Research and Testing) working group “Micro- and Nanoprobe Techniques” on Component Failures caused by Microdefects, BMW Munich, 24-25 November, 1998
  3. P.A. Wilksch and H. Sakulin, Real-time high-precision measurement of strain with a digital phase-stepping speckle interferometer, Eleventh Australian Optical Society Conference, University of Adelaide, 10-12 December, 1997
  4. P.A. Wilksch and G.F. Stroot, Digital phase-stepping speckle interferometer for sensitive measurement of in-plane displacement, Book of Abstracts, 10th Conference of the Australian Optical Society, ed. W.R. MacGillivray, p. 96, Australian Optical Society, University of Queensland, Brisbane, 5-7 July, 1995
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  7. D. Andiani and P.A. Wilksch, Digital speckle pattern interferometry with large aperture, Eighth Conference of the Australian Optical Society, University of Sydney, February, 1993


  • Dean’s Award 2000 in Teaching and Learning, RMIT Faculty of Applied Science, October 2000