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School of Science

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Science, Engineering and Health

Andrew T Smith


BSc and AUS (University of Surrey, UK)

PhD (University of Southampton, UK)

External & visiting appointments

Visiting Prof, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, School of Life Sciences, University of Sussex UK.

Affiliations / Professional memberships

Inorganic Biochemistry Discussion Group, Biochemical Society

Areas of research interests:

Structure/function relationships and mechanisms of metalloenzymes with particular emphasis on haem systems and peroxidases, particularly those that play a role in the degradation of lignin, the recalcitrant biopolymer that gives wood its strength. Degradation of lignin is known to be rate limiting in the carbon cycle and clean technologies that would help us unlock lignin and hence cellulose as renewable sources of chemicals and fuels may be of great importance in the future. Professor Smith’s research group is exploring the relatonships between globins, peroxidases and cytochromes P450 using horseradish peroxidase and lignin peroxidase as our main model systems. We are attempting to understand the structural determinants of activity and specificity with a view to creating new catalytic activities, such as the ability to fragment lignin (WO/2006/114616) or selectively oxygenate substrates (WO/2007/020428). The research is multidisciplinary in nature and at the interface between Chemistry and Biology. Recent highlights have included the structure of HRP in all five oxidation states (in collaboration with others) published in Nature (2002) and the role of a redox active Trp residue in the catalytic cycle of an engineered lignin peroxidase published in PNAS (2009).


Journal publications:

  1. Smith, A.T., Doyle, W.A., Dorlet, P. and Ivancich, A. (2009) Spectroscopic evidence for an engineered catalytically-active Trp radical that creates the unique reactivity of lignin peroxidase. PNAS 106, 1684-1689.
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