Study Tour to Timor-Leste: Contextualising the Development-Peace-Security Nexus

International Studies (HUSO 1301) and International Development (HUSO 2263)
Second Semester Course
25 June to 9 July 2011 (Study Tour Component)

This study tour drew together theoretical and conceptual thinking on the nature of relationship between development, peace-building and security studies. It focused on the period from the final year in Timor-Leste’s war for independence (1999) until the present. The course was able to provide a first-hand account of how a conflict can unfold, a sense of its consequences, and in particular the possibilities for peace and security in the aftermath.

The study tour and subject was be led by Damian Grenfell.

Examples of the kinds of activities that the study tour included:

  • Meeting with NGOs, Government organisations and UN staff in Dili and Baucau
  • Meetings with Australian Defence Force personnel and members of the F-FDTL and the PNTL
  • Visiting local communities and institutions in urban and rural areas; such as the Post-CAVR Secretariat, The Resistance Museum, the Parliament and public memorials
  • Site visits (such as the Santa Cruz massacre in 1991 and the site of the police massacre in 2006) that link individual events back to course themes

Students were also encouraged to visit local areas of Dili and interact with East Timorese at every opportunity.

Course information

Download the full Course Outline (PDF 3p 334kb)

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