Research (R030) internal order procedure

Intent and objectives

Internal Orders are used at RMIT to account for actual, budgeted and forecast income and expenditure by project. The Research and Innovation (R&I) Portfolio manages the authorisation of Research External orders.

Accurate reporting of external research income to the Commonwealth Government directly contributes to funding received by the University for research, research infrastructure and research training. Research Internal Order accounts are used to capture and report Higher Education Research Data Collection (HERDC) countable research income.

General requirements

The following must be satisfied for managing R030 type internal orders. Please also refer to the associated processes and forms.

Type of Activity – is it research?
Research internal orders can only be created for income related to activity that meets the definition of research in the HERDC Specifications. The proposed research also needs to be consistent with RMIT’s strategic directions.

Funding Agreements
It is mandatory that there is formal undertaking by way of agreement, contract, MOU, letter of award, etc with the sponsor organization. It must formally specify the amount of funding that will be provided.

RMIT Overheads
If there are additional costs to be covered by the University, the Head of School must first confirm that the School has the available resources by signing the certification statement at the bottom of the Research Application Coversheet and Research Internal Order Request Form.

Ethics Clearance
It is critical that any ethics clearances are obtained before the experimental work commences. Ethics approval must be completed prior to releasing the funds for the project. If however the project needs to commence prior to ethics approval being obtained, then a statement from the Chief Investigator must be attached to the request or emailed to the Research Office outlining the reasons and the proposed timeline for submitting the ethics application.
Guidelines relating to ethics clearance can be found at: Human Research Ethics and Animal Ethics.

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