Dr Danielle Kirby


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Media and Communication

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Building: 9
Level: 5
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Design & Social Context

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Key activities

Lecturer in Communication, Communication Strand

  • Communication and Social Relations
  • Communication Histories and Technologies


PhD, University of Queensland

Bachelor of Arts (Hons), University of Queensland


Professional interests

International Society for the Study of New Religions (ISSNR)

Australian Association for the Study of Religion (ASSR)

Australia New Zealand Communication Association (ANZCA)

Research overview

Danielle Kirby is a researcher across the fields of Communication and New Religious Movements, with a specialisation in the intersection of contemporary alternative religion, narrative, and digital media. Danielle has published on topics such as online religion and virtual community, remix and art in alternative religion, and the status of the text in contemporary online religion. Her forthcoming book, Fantasy and Belief: exploring the relationship between fiction, media, and alternative religion, will be in print in 2012.

Research supervision

Dr Danielle Kirby is a registered research supervisor.


Forthcoming Publications

Kirby, D. Fantasy and Belief: Exploring the relationship between fiction, media and alternative religion Forthcoming. Equinox, 2012

Lewis, J. & Kirby, D. (Ed.) Sects, Cults, and New Religions in the series Critical Concepts in Religious Studies, 4 volumes. Forthcoming. Routledge, 2012

Book Chapters

Kirby, D. “Occultural Bricolage and Popular Culture: Remix and Art in the Church of the SubGenius, the Temple of Psychic Youth, and Discordianism” in The Handbook of Hyperreal Religions ed. Adam Possamai. Forthcoming, Brill, 2011

Kirby, D. “Pulp Fiction and the Revealed Text: a study of the role of the text in the Otherkin Community” Exploring Religion and the Sacred in a Media Age ed. Deacy & Arweck. England: Ashgate, 2009

Kirby, D. “Alternative Worlds: metaphysical questing and virtual community amongst the Otherkin” Through a Glass Darkly: Reflections on the Sacred ed. Frances Di Lauro Sydney: Sydney University Press, 2006

Conference Papers

“Readers, Believers, Consumers and Audiences: complicating the relationship between consumption and contemporary narrative spiritualities.” New Religion in a Globalized East: Taiwan, Southeast Asia, the World. Centre for the Study of New Religion (CESNUR), Taipei, June

“The Ethics of Online Gaming” Research Seminar Presentation with Dr Elizabeth Coleman at Monash University, ECPS, November 2010

“Merging Worlds: Exploring the continuity between the real and the fantastic in the Otherkin Community” XXth World Congress. International Association for the History of Religions, Toronto, August 2010

“Mediated Spirituality: Experiencing the Numinous through and in Contemporary Media” Religion and Communication Conference. The School of English, Communications and Performance Studies, Monash University, 2009

“From Pulp Fiction to Revealed Text” Religion, Media and Culture: Exploring Religion and the Sacred in a Media Age. The British Sociological Association Religion Study Group and the Religion, Media and Theology UK Network, St Catherine’s College, Oxford, 2007

“Fan Cultures and New Religious Expression” Alternative Expressions of the Numinous. The Queensland Society for the Study of Religion and University of Queensland, Brisbane, 2006 & 2007

“Metaphysical Questing and Virtual Community amongst the Otherkin” Renewing Culture and Repositioning Religion in the Third Millennium. The Australian Association for the Study of Religion and the Religion, Literature and Arts Society, Sydney, 2005.