About the RMIT Business Lecture Series

RMIT University in partnership with Ernst & Young and veski, hosts and delivers the RMIT Business Lecture Series.

Innovation is a crucial element in building a globally competitive economy and a vibrant, modern society. We need a strong culture of innovation and entrepreneurship and to create an environment where new ideas, new technology and knowledge are fostered and supported. This can be addressed in many ways on many levels.

The overriding theme of the series is innovation and the promotion of innovation in the Victorian business and academic communities. Specific objectives include to provide:

  • Access for the Victorian business, academic and government communities to the ideas and expertise of Australians who have made significant contributions to innovation in a variety of industries overseas and locally;
  • A forum for the exchange of innovation ideas, approaches and experiences; and
  • A vehicle for the development of networks and partnerships between business, government and academic.

The series is in its 13th year and presents a range of speakers with expertise relating to innovation in the science, technology and business arenas. A document is available for downloading of all previous guest speakers.

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