Course Title: Send and retrieve information using web browsers and email

Part B: Course Detail

Teaching Period: Term2 2009

Course Code: COSC5380C

Course Title: Send and retrieve information using web browsers and email

School: 155T Vocational Health and Sciences

Campus: City Campus

Program: C3209 - Certificate III in Science

Course Contact: Geoff Moss

Course Contact Phone: +61 3 9925 4852

Course Contact Email:

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Nominal Hours: 25

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Pre-requisites and Co-requisites


Course Description

This course defines the competency required to complete basic web search tasks and send and receive emails with attachments.
Students will also undertake Internet searches related to their studies in this course and the others courses in their program of study.

National Codes, Titles, Elements and Performance Criteria

National Element Code & Title:

ICAU1133A Send and retrieve information using web browsers and email


Access the internet

Performance Criteria:

1.1  Open an internet browser and set a home page of personal choice by setting internet options

1.2  Adjust the display of the internet browser to suit personal requirements 

1.3  Modify toolbar to meet user and internet browser needs 

1.4  Access a particular website, note privacy and other conditions of use and retrieve data 

1.5  Enter a uniform resource locator (URL), in the address line of the internet browser


Create an address book

Performance Criteria:

3.1  Manually add an email address to the email package address book

3.2  Update the address book by transferring the email address from a received message 

3.3  Create a distribution list and send out email message


Search internet

Performance Criteria:

2.1  Locate and select appropriate search engine and define search expressions based on the data required 

2.2  Save search expression results and present them in a report according to the information requirements 

2.3  Create a bookmark within the internet browser or a link for the required web page and save it in a bookmark folder 

2.4  Modify the internet browser options for printing and print a web page 

2.5  Close the internet browser


Send and organise messages

Performance Criteria:

4.1  Open an email application package and create a new email message 

4.2  Add addressee to the email message 

4.3  Compose the text of an email message according to organizational guidelines 

4.4  Create and add an automatic signature for the user, so that it appears automatically in every new email message that the user creates 

4.5  Attach files to the email message, using the attachment feature 

4.6  Determine and set a priority for an email message and spell check and edit text as required 

4.7  Send the email message 

4.8  Reply to received messages and forward as appropriate, using the carbon copy and forward features 

4.9  Open and save an attachment to the relevant folder

4.10 Search for an email message and set a priority setting or delete as necessary 

4.11  Sort inbox according to sender’s name and date received 

4.12  Save email messages in a folder 

4.13  Compact folder to save space 

4.14  Print an email message

Learning Outcomes

Students will learn:

  • To make effective searches of the Internet using different search engines.
  • To search and collect information from the Internet.
  • Copying text and images from the Internet.
  • Copyright and plagarism issues and the Internet.
  • Referencing of Internet resources.
  • Communication and the Internet.
  • Effective use of email.
  • Emails, attachments and email security

Details of Learning Activities

Students will be provided with classroom &/or tutorial instruction in learning basic internet and email operations and to set up their accounts for their own use.

Additional research tasks will be used to develop and enhance skills.

A range of exercises and tasks will be provided for each component of the unit.

The Internet will be introduced as a learning tool and a resource for students to seek and locate relevant information.

Teaching Schedule

Refer to Teaching Schedule with complementary course: Operate a Personal Computer.  Weekly programme is subject to change, dependent on student requirements and the other courses within their program.


WeeksTopicSoftware / ReadingPracticalsAssessment
1Introduction. Basic operation of computer; file and folder management    
2Internet search; search engines. Copying and cropping images. Text wrap; layout of documents for reports. Browser; search engines; MS Paint; MS Word Task 1 - Crop an Image

Task 2 - Image placement, text wrap.
Assignment 1

Intro to Internet
3Introduction to PowerPoint layout and design MS PowerPoint; search engine Cell Biology assignment  
4Inserting YouTube videos into PowerPoint presentations PowerPoint animation; notes Google search engine; YouTube; MS PowerPoint Preparation of PowerPoint presentations; As per class handout Cell Biology PowerPoint presentation;

5PowerPoint presentation developmentYouTube; MS PowerPoint Practicals
6PowerPoint presentations MS PowerPoint   
7PowerPoint presentations MS PowerPoint  Assignment 2
8Internet Research; Copyright; Privacy; Security Browser; search engines   
9Communication on the Internet PowerPoint presentationBrowser; search engines   
10Communication on the Internet PowerPoint presentation Browser; search engines; MS PowerPoint   
11Excel basic functions MS ExcelAs per class handout; S:Drive Excel folder Assignment 3
12Excel: If and Lookup functions; Charts; dynmaic linksto MS Word MS Excel; MS Word As per class handout; S:Drive Excel folder Excel Practicals
13Excel: Problem-solving exercises MS Excel As per class handout; S:Drive Excel folder  
14Excel Assignment MS Excel Excel Assignment

Learning Resources

Prescribed Texts


Buckley & Clark, The Rough Guide to the Internet, 2008 Edn., Rough Guides

978 184353 55

The Internet for Dummies, (Austn. Edn.) IDG Books Australia Publishing Corp. P/L

1 74031 000 4

The Internet for Dummies, IDG Books Worldwide Ind.

1 56884 620 7

WPICA133A Send & Retrieve Information over the Internet, Watsonia Publishing

1 74007 473 4

Preston Gralla, How the Internet Works, 8ed., Pearson Education, Australia, 2006

9 78078973626

Access The Internet (ICPMM63BA), Pearson Education, Australia, 2005

9 7808645851

Beacon, Mavis, Mavis Beacon Presents All-in-One Microsoft Office, Broderbund (3 CD-ROM set) [Distributed by Mindscape]

Other Resources

Overview of Assessment

Assessment will involve a variety of assessment items, including:

  • Research tasks
  • Class practicals and exercises
  • Assignments

Assessment Tasks

Refer to Assessment Tasks with complementary course: Operate a Personal Computer.

Practical Tasks 30%
Assignments 40%
Research assignment (Biology) 30%

Assignment 1: Search Engine – Print Screen, Crop, Image placement
Assignment 2: Cell Biology PowerPoint presentation and talk.
Assignment 3: Communication on the Internet PowerPoint presentation
Excel practical tasks
Excel assignment  

Assessment Matrix

ElementAssignmentPractical TasksObservationClass TestingIndividual/Group Discussion
1.1 xx  
1.2 xx  
1.3 xx  
1.4xxx x
1.5 xx x
2.1xxx x
2.5  x  
4.3xx  x
4.13x x  

Course Overview: Access Course Overview