Course Title: Lead work teams

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Teaching Period: Term1 2007

Course Code: EMPL9667C

Course ID: 035462

Course Title: Lead work teams

School: 345T Creative Media

Program Code: C4144 - Certificate IV in Audio Visual Technology

Course Contact : Adam Lovell

Course Contact Phone: +61 3 9925 4976

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Teacher: Rebekha Naim        Phone: 9925 4345        Email:

Nominal Hours: 25

Regardless of the mode of delivery, represent a guide to the relative teaching time and student effort required to successfully achieve a particular competency/module. This may include not only scheduled classes or workplace visits but also the amount of effort required to undertake, evaluate and complete all assessment requirements, including any non-classroom activities.

Pre-requisites and Co-requisites


Course Description

In this course you will develop the skills and knowledge necessary to participate in, lead and facilitate successful work teams. These skills are vital in the audiovisual industry.

National Codes, Titles, Elements and Performance Criteria

National Element Code & Title:

BSBFLM404A Lead work teams

Learning Outcomes

Refer to NTIS approved elements         

Overview of Learning Activities

Details of Learning Activities

Theory classes, discussion, practical exercies and private study.

Teaching Schedule

Class #1
13 March
Course Outline: Discussion and introduction of the course guide, resources, assessments and expectations.
A special group task on truss screens.
Includes: Class exercises and hand-outs   
Homework: Identify teamwork skills you would like to improve on

Class #2
20 March
Competency elements addressed: ‘Participate in team planning’ and ‘Develop team commitment and co-operation’. Begin work on the Lighting exercise.
Includes: Discussion, class exercises, games, and group work.   
Homework: Complete two quiz’s

Class #3
27 March
Competency elements addressed: ‘Manage and develop team performance’ and ‘Participate in, and facilitate the work team’. Work on the Lighting Field exercise.
Includes: Discussion, class exercises, group-work.   
Homework:     1. Do MTBI on internet and bring in your results. Refer to;
                          2. Work in your Lighting Field exercise groups to complete Assessment Tasks
3 April
Myers-Briggs: Presentation and discussion of the famous personality type indicator which can help you understand your personal preferences and improve your teamwork performance.
Includes: Discussion, PPT, personality quiz
NB Next week is Easter so our next class is the 17th April   
Homework:     1. Put yourself in a situation that challenges an area of weakness in your teamwork skills and try to change
                          2. Work in your Lighting Field exercise groups to complete Assessment Tasks

**********    Easter Break    ***************************

Class #5
17 April
Class presentations: Each group will have the opportunity to prepare for presentations next week and work on their Lighting Field exercises.
Includes: Group work & student guided work.   
Homework: Work in your Lighting Field exercise groups to complete Assessment Tasks

Class #6
24 April
Class presentations: Each group will have fifteen minutes to discuss their teamwork efforts for the Lighting Field exercise.
Includes: Final review of teamwork.   
Homework:     1. Assessment Task Documentation and Presentation due
                          2. Work in your Lighting Field exercise groups to complete Assessment Tasks
Later: Assessment Task  Reflection due by the 5th June 2007

Overview of Learning Resources

Learning Resources

Prescribed Texts


Other Resources

There are a number of books and videos in the Carlton Library about Teamwork, Leadership skills and Communication techniques.

Overview of Assessment

Make a Presentation and Hand in Documentation 30%
Practical Exercise 40%
Reflection 30%

Assessment Tasks

1.    Planning: Make a Presentation and Hand in Documentation 30%
        Due: 24th April TAFE WEEK 10

For the final class, in your Lighting Field Exercise groups, you are expected to discuss your teamwork progress to the class in a formal presentation by your group.
You must also hand in copies of your Lighting Field Exercise documentation to show teamwork evidence such as your team members’ roles and responsibilities. This documentation must be handed in by each individual of the team, although it can be replicated work, as long as your signature is on it.
See class notes for details.   
2.    Practical Exercise 40% 
       Conducted on any one given Tuesday during May (it is an all day Practical Exercise with Lighting – Rowan Humphrey)

In order to observe your teamwork and leadership skills ‘in action’ your teacher will attend the Lighting Field Exercises and will assess your skills against a checklist as specified in the Elements and Performance Criteria.    

3.    Reflection 30%
       Due: Tuesday 5th June 2007 TAFE WEEK 16

By answering questions on your personal experiences of the Practical Exercise you will gain vast insights into the way you work as a team member and learn of your strengths and weaknesses. Your ability to identify the teamwork and leadership skills which you need to improve on is important.  Being honest and thoughtful will earn you top marks in this assessment. The ten questions will be given to you once you have completed the Practical Exercise and must be completed independently and promptly returned. To be handed in a week after your Practical Exercise and no later than Tuesday 5th June 2007

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