Course Title: Identify contemporary fashion influences and construction techniques

Part B: Course Detail

Teaching Period: Term2 2011

Course Code: GRAP5228C

Course Title: Identify contemporary fashion influences and construction techniques

School: 350T Fashion & Textiles

Campus: Brunswick Campus

Program: C5220 - Diploma of Applied Fashion Design and Technology

Course Contact : Mandy Penton

Course Contact Phone: +61 3 99259202

Course Contact

Name and Contact Details of All Other Relevant Staff

Patricia Brien

Nominal Hours: 40

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Pre-requisites and Co-requisites


Course Description

This unit covers the skills and knowledge to identify influences on fashion design and construction techniques of the 20th century.

National Codes, Titles, Elements and Performance Criteria

National Element Code & Title:

LMTFD4014B Identify contemporary fashion influences and construction techniques


1. Identify the function of clothing

Performance Criteria:

1.1 Purposes of clothing are identified.
1.2 Characteristics represented in clothing are identified.
1.3 Factors which influence the way people dress are identified.
1.4 Function of clothing is related to fashion design.


2. Identify 20th century influences on role of designers

Performance Criteria:

2.1 Significantly influential fashion designers of 20th century throughout the world are identified.
2.2 Role of fashion designers through 20th century is described and compared to current expectations.


3. Identify influences on fashion design from 20th century

Performance Criteria:

3.1 Fashion trends from 20th century are identified.
3.2 Significant events of 20th century are identified and related to fashion changes.
3.3 A decade from 20th century is investigated to identify influences on fashion development and demand.


4. Identify construction techniques used through 20th century

Performance Criteria:

4.1 Design features of 20th century garments are identified.
4.2 Desired effects of design features are described.
4.3 Construction techniques to create design features are described.
4.4 Use of construction techniques in contemporary designs is identified.


5. Analyse fashion influences on current practice

Performance Criteria:

5.1 Design influences on current styling are analysed.
5.2 Design influences on current trends are analysed.
5.3 Use of construction techniques in current styles is analysed.
5.4 Influences of new and emerging practices are analysed.

Learning Outcomes

The learning outcomes in unit applies to the analysis of the most important economic, social, political and technological factors in the 20th century that have had an impact on fashion development and demand. The role of designers as change agents throughout this period is also covered and related to fashion design today. Investigation into the 20th century, including historical influences and trends will direct the process. Skills covered in this unit will be applied to the design and identification of construction techniques for fashion designs.

Details of Learning Activities

Collaboration and participation are important during this course to maximise your learning. You will contribute to group activities and presentations as well as completing your individual work.
Your learning and assessment will include:
Research for ‘Le Tailleur’ Design Studio One
Influences on fashion design and construction techniques of the 20th century in relation to the women’s two-piece tailored suit: Individual notes, historical and technical written research, sketches and verbal presentations of your concepts.

You compiling a Fashion Research File of specified information as well as identifying and researching your own resources. Teacher directed class activities, demonstrations and discussions will be held to enable you to complete in-class and self-directed research activities and resource reviews. All your collected research will be kept in your Fashion Research File and suggestions on the contents of your collection will be given. Advice on referencing and the formal methodology of information collection and review will be given in classes and demonstrated in your Fashion Research File. Your Fashion Research File will be an ongoing progressive activity that will be regularly reviewed. (including Influential 20th century Design Leaders)

Development and presentation findings of research of Influences on fashion design and construction techniques of the 20th century (Fashion Tribes)
Group written and verbal presentations.
You will work individually to contribute specific research tasks. Your findings will be presented to the class and a summary will be written up, distributed to the group and recorded in your Fashion Research. You will be advised in class discussion of the parameters of the research brief as well as the criteria for completion and assessment of individual research.

Teaching Schedule

Week 1
Introduce course and assessments and discuss relevance to other courses.
Assignment for Sustainability in Fashion introduction
Introduce and commence work on Assessment 1: Research for ‘Le Tailleur’ Design Studio One. Task breakdown and critical path development, demonstrate and display resources available e.g. on Blackboard.

Week 2
Introduce research skills and resources and the methods of recording and conveying research findings.

Week 3
Assessment 1: Present initial sketches to Studio Design teachers.

Week 4
Refine Design Studio 1 research and concepts. Present to Fashion Influences teacher.

Week 5:
Introduce Assignment 2: Fashion Research File, assignment task breakdown and critical path development.

Week 6
Excursion to the NGV Federation square includes viewing room, exhibition and on-site activities.

Week 7
Research methods & Assignment 3 (Fashion Tribes)

Week 8
Teamwork and presentations skills review. Influential 20th century Design Leaders class discussion given resources.

Week 9
Work on Fashion Tribes (Assignment 3)

Week 10
Psychology of fashion behaviour and the language of clothing and decoration.
Read Fashion Theory article: Pg 16, 17 Fashion Forecasting Evelyn Brannon Fairchild. Class discussion.

Week 11
Fashion Tribes work
Individual investigation of an influential 20th Century Designer

Week 12
Assignment 3 group presentations.

Week 13
Check: Fashion Research File

Week 14
Final progress review 2, Fashion Research File. Individual in-class feed-back.

Week 15
Due: Fashion Research File

Week 16
Review, resits.

Learning Resources

Prescribed Texts

Jenkyn Jones. S, Fashion Design Textbook, Laurence King Publishing, UK: 2005

Seivewright, S, Research and Design, AVA Publishing SA: 2007


Other Resources

Overview of Assessment

Detailed course and assessment requirements and information will be made available to you first week of class. Specific details will be explained to you during scheduled classes.

This course comprises both practical and theory components. You will be expected to attend and participate in class activities.

As well as class activities you will be required to undertake research and assessment practice outside of regular class times and participate in formal assessment tasks.

PLEASE NOTE: work that has not been authenticated during class as your own work will not be considered for assessment.

Assessment Tasks

To be eligible for graded assessment, all ungraded topics must be completed competently.

Assessment 1 – Ungraded assessment - Influences on fashion design and construction techniques of the 20th century – Le Tailleur: Individual research and design concepts presented in folio format to Fashion Influences and Studio Design 1 teachers.

Assessment 2 - Graded assessment - Fashion Research File: will contain evidence of research of 20th century fashion function, zeitgeist and influences, designers, and construction techniques (including Le Tailleur research). + Assessment 3 and research into two 20th Century Fashion Designers + 1 x Sustainable Designer/Design Practice. Ongoing progressive assessment.

Assessment 3 - Ungraded assessment – Fashion Tribes assignment: Group written and verbal presentations culminating from and enhancing research and activities completed in Assessment 2.

Assessment Matrix

ELEMENTS OF COMPETENCYAssessment 1 Ungraded assessment
Le Tailleur Research
Assessment 2 Graded assessment
Research Folio including Le Tailleur + Timeline, 2 x 20th Designers, 1 x Sustainable Designer/Design practice, in class activities, Fashion Tribes Assessment 3
Ungraded assessment
Fashion Tribes presentation 
1. Identify the function of clothing  x 
2. Identify 20th century influences on role of designers xx
3. Identify influences on fashion design from 20th centuryxxx
4. Identify construction techniques used through 20th centuryxx 
5. Analyse fashion influences on current practicexx 

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