Course Title: Promote the business

Part B: Course Detail

Teaching Period: Term2 2012

Course Code: MKTG5859C

Course Title: Promote the business

School: 340T Art

Campus: City Campus

Program: C5234 - Diploma of Visual Art

Course Contact : Ninna Cikoja

Course Contact Phone: +61 3 9925 4472

Course Contact

Name and Contact Details of All Other Relevant Staff

Course Contact                 Phillip Allan
Course Contact Phone      9925 4030
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Nominal Hours: 50

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Pre-requisites and Co-requisites


Course Description

This course covers the development and implementation of marketing strategies and the monitoring and improvement of market performance. It is suitable for setting up or existing micro and small businesses or a department in a larger organisation.

National Codes, Titles, Elements and Performance Criteria

National Element Code & Title:

BSBSBM403A Promote the business


1. Develop marketing strategies

Performance Criteria:

1.1 The business and its key products or services are analysed to determine the focus of marketing activities in accordance with the objectives of the business plan
1.2 Customer base and target market for the business are evaluated as a basis for marketing strategies
1.3 Marketing objectives and strategies are determined in consultation with relevant people in accordance with the business plan


2 Determine a marketing mix for the business

Performance Criteria:

2.1 Product mix, volumes and pricing are balanced to optimise sales and profit
2.2 The costs and benefits of using different distribution channels and/or providing different levels of customer service are evaluated and the results considered in determining the marketing mix
2.3 Promotional activities are determined to suit the target market
2.4 Customer needs and preferences are considered in determining the market mix
2.5 Marketing mix is determined according to market and business needs


3. Implement marketing strategies

Performance Criteria:

3.1 Persons involved in the marketing effort are briefed on their roles and responsibilities to ensure the success of marketing strategies
3.2 Promotional activities are planned and implemented in accordance with marketing objectives and budgetary requirements


4. Monitor and improve marketing performance

Performance Criteria:

4.1 Ongoing monitoring of marketing activities and evaluation of business performance is conducted according to the objectives and targets of the business plan.
4.2 Performance gaps analysed and corrective action taken or new targets set
4.3 All relevant people are encouraged to propose ways to improve marketing performance
4.4 Customer reaction to all aspects of the marketing mix is sought and analysed to improve targeting and outcomes
4.5 Ongoing research of customer requirements is conducted to identify opportunities for change and improvement
4.6 Changes in market opportunities are monitored and investigated for new business opportunities to aid business development

Learning Outcomes

In this course, you learn through:
1. In-class activities:

  • lectures
  • teacher directed group activities/projects
  • class exercises to review discussions/lectures
  • peer teaching and class presentations
  • group discussion
  • class exercises to review discussions/lectures
  • studio work.
2. Out-of-class activities include:
  • practical exercises
  • reading articles and excerpts
  • preparing for discussion
  • project work
  • independent research.
You are expected to manage your learning and undertake an appropriate amount of out-of-class independent study and research and industry guests speak about professional practice.

Details of Learning Activities

i.   Communicating ideas and information to consult with relevant people
ii.  Collecting, analysing and organizing information to develop marketing strategies
iii. Planning and organizing activities to implement to marketing strategy
iv. Solving problems to determine the optimum marketing mix
v.  Using technology to optimise business performance 


Teaching Schedule

Week 1 Introduction, What is a Professional Artist, DVD ’Original Schtick’
Week 2 Introduce Web Page assignment, Writing a CV and Artist’s Statement, Running a Sole Trader Business
Week 3 Copyright / NAVA Professional development talk: Kim Goodwin
Week 4 Taxation / Visual Arts Organizations / Grants and Other Awards
Week 5 Moral Rights / Market Practices
Week 6 Photographing your work and setting up a web page / Artist’s Web pages
Week 7 Photographing your work for the web page
Week 8 Photographing your work for the web page
Week 9 Photographing your work for the web page
Week 10 Photographing your work for the web page
Week 11 Photographing your work for the web page
Week 12 Photographing your work for the web page
Week 13 Setting up your artist web page
Week 14 Setting up your artist web page
Week 15 Setting up your artist web page
Week 16 Setting up your artist web page
Week 17 Assessment
Week 18 Assessment

Learning Resources

Prescribed Texts


Grant, Daniel - 'The Business of being an Artist'. 2010. Allworth Press Kessler, Merrilee. Hollister, Virgina 'Theory and Practice Series' 2011.National Association for the Visual Arts

Other Resources


ARTsearch -
Arts Hub Australia -
Artsinfo -
Arts Law Centre of Aust -
Australia Council -
Australian Business Arts Foundation,The -
Australian Commercial Galleries Assoc. -
Australian Copyright Council -
Craft Australia -

(National Association for the Visual Arts) -

Overview of Assessment

Assessment requires you to be able to demonstrate ability to:

  • Develop marketing strategies
  • Determine a marketing mix for the business
  • Implement marketing strategies
  • Monitor and improve marketing performance.
You will be required to submit the following pieces of evidence for your assessment portfolio.
  • Self promotional web page
  • Lecture and web page notes.

Assessment Tasks

1. Set up a self promotional web page
2. Lecture and web page notes

Assessment Matrix

Assessment EvidenceElementEssential SkillsEssential KnowledgeCritical Aspects
 Promotional Web PageDevelop marketing strategies

Determine a marketing mix for the business

Implement marketing strategies

Monitor and improve marketing performance

Relevant marketing concepts and methods

Relevant market analysis and research

Methods of developing marketing objectives and marketing mix

Methods of analysing costs and benefits of marketing strategies

Methods of monitoring customer satisfaction industry market trends
Literacy and numeracy skills to research information and to interpret market data Ability to implement and monitor the marketing strategy/plan to optimise the chances of business success via a web page
 Lecture and Web Page Notes Develop marketing strategies

Determine a marketing mix for the business

Implement marketing strategies

Monitor and improve marketing performance  
National, State/Territory and Local Government legislative requirements affecting business operation, especially in regard to Occupational Health and Safety and environmental issues, EEO, industrial relations and anti-discrimination Communication including questioning, clarifying, reporting

Numeracy skills for data analysis

Ability to relate to people from a range of social, cultural and ethnic backgrounds and physical and mental abilities
 Ability to develop a marketing strategy and choice of marketing mix to complement the business plan of a practicing artist

Other Information

The major learning experience involves studio based exercises, demonstration and production. It is strongly advised that students attend all sessions in order to engage in the required learning activities, ensuring the maximum opportunity to gain the competency.

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