Course Title: Extend professional expertise across new art forms and media

Part A: Course Overview

Program: C6149 Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts

Course Title: Extend professional expertise across new art forms and media

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Nominal Hours: 50

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City Campus


340T Art


Term2 2017

Course Contact: Joel Rainford

Course Contact Phone: +61 3 9925 8193

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Course Description

In this course you will develop skills and knowledge required to extend creative expertise across new art forms and media. It involves exploring different art forms and media such as video, online media, installation or hybrid art and integrating new skills into creative practice.

Expertise with different art forms or media provides visual artists and other creative practitioners with the opportunity to evolve their professional practice and explore new ideas for and ways of creating work. This may involve a deepening exploration of work in a particular area of practice or a focus on new types of work. The course can be applied to any creative form with particular attention to new technologies such as digital of video work.

At this level, the independent practitioner already possesses well-developed skills in at least one art form and is evolving their work and ideas at a professional level. This process of experimentation, refinement and maturation lies at the heart of artistic practice and involves extensive practice as a fundamental part of the work process.

Pre-requisite Courses and Assumed Knowledge and Capabilities


National Competency Codes and Titles

National Element Code & Title:

CUAACD602 Extend professional expertise across new art forms and media


1. Explore the professional potential of different art forms and media

2. Explore and extend new skills with materials, processes and techniques

3. Conceptualise new approaches to work

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Archive, maintain and manage film and digital assets
  • Collaborate with others about nature and opportunities of new work forms

In this course you will develop the following program capabilities:

  • Technology skills to conduct web-based research
  • Compare contemporary styles and conceptual or aesthetic approaches to art making
  • Maintain professional practice arrangements for art making

Overview of Assessment

Assessment for this course is on going throughout the semester. Your knowledge and understanding of course content is assessed through completion of a body of work that demonstrates concept development, understanding of materials and adhering to the guidelines of working in a studio.