Course Title: Aerospace Drawing And Drafting

Part B: Course Detail

Teaching Period: Term1 2009

Course Code: AERO5385

Course Title: Aerospace Drawing And Drafting

School: 130T Engineering (TAFE)

Campus: City Campus

Program: C6011 - Advanced Diploma of Engineering (Aerospace)

Course Contact : Steven Bevan

Course Contact Phone: +61 3 9925 4137

Course Contact

Name and Contact Details of All Other Relevant Staff

Yadana Wai / Drew Holloway
Contact Details: Location: City, 57.5.20
Telephone: 9925 8098
Fax: 9925 8099

Nominal Hours: 40

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Pre-requisites and Co-requisites

AERO5384 Introduction to Aerospace

Course Description

This course provides the student with the understanding of engineering details and the means to represent then unambiguously, with particular emphasis on aerospace engineering practice.
This course trains students to produce technically correct, sketched and formal engineering drawings.

National Codes, Titles, Elements and Performance Criteria

National Element Code & Title:

VBH141 Aerospace Drawing and Drafting

Learning Outcomes

1. Explain the function of engineering drawings and standards in relation to aerospace engineering.
2. Apply the appropriate standards and conventions in drawing sheet preparation and layout.
3. Explain the function of pictorial and orthogonal projections in aerospace engineering drawing.
4. Apply the correct methods of referencing relevant specifications and standards in the interpretation and preparation of aerospace engineering drawings.
5. Use the correct abbreviations and conventions in the interpretation and preparation of aerospace engineering drawings.
6. Apply the correct conventions and techniques in drawing sectional views.
7. Apply dimensioning correctly to an aerospace engineering detail drawing.
8. Apply the correct tolerancing conventions and practices to aerospace engineering drawings.
9. Calculate the type of fit between two mating parts from drawing data.
10. Prepare third angle orthogonal drawings.
11. Convert information from third angle orthogonal drawings to isometric and oblique pictorial form.
12. Prepare practical freehand sketches.
13. Prepare tracings.
14. Use a Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) package to prepare an aerospace engineering drawing.
15. Draw an electronic circuit.

Details of Learning Activities

 The purpose of this module is to provide competency based training in aerospace drawing practices. This module also facilitates articulation into Aerospace and engineering degree courses.
This module is suitable for participants who have:
                     • Well developed writing skills
                     • Basic knowledge of aircraft industry drawings.
They may have supervisory responsibilities, which vary from limited to significant.

The Students will participate in activities such as practical drawing ,assignments and exams.

Teaching Schedule

This course involves the delivery of fifteen key topics over 10 weeks using the following format:
Week 1                         Introduction
                                                             Course Schedule
                                                             Course requirements
                                                             Assessment requirements

                                      Theory - Purpose of the drawing industry
                                                            Types of drawings
                                                                                • Assembly
                                                                                • Sub assembly
                                                                                • Detail 
                                                                                • Detailed assembly

Week 2                         Theory - Line conventions and practices

                                       Theory - Letters and numerals conventions

                                       Practice - Draw projection symbols (drawing 1)
                                       Practice - Free hand letters and numerals

Week 3                          Theory - Dimensioning conventions
                                                                            • Dimensioning 
                                                                            • Limits
                                                                            • Tolerances 
                                                                            • Fits
                                        Practice - Threaded Shaft (drawing 02)
                                        Assignment Issued

Weeks 4 & 5                 Theory- First angle and third angle projections

                                        Practice - Multi view projection (drawing 3)
                                                          Block extension (drawing 4)Pipe Extension (drawing 5)

Week 6                         Theory - Isometric rules & conventions 
                                       Practice - Isometric hat & Z sections (drawing 6)

Week 7                        Theory - Oblique rules & conventions
                                      Practice - Oblique section (drawing 7)

Week 8                        Theory - Pictorial to Orthogonal
                                      Practice - Orthogonal in isometric projection (drawing 8)

                                     Theory - Orthogonal to Pictorial
                                     Practice - Pictorial in oblique & Isometric projection (drawing 9)

Week 9                      Theory - Sectioning rules & conventions 
                                    Practice - Pipe clamp & web section (drawing 10 A & B) 
                                    Assignment  1 Due

Week 10                   Theory - Aircraft drawings
Examination - Confirmed date will be placed on the notice board

Learning Resources

Prescribed Texts


Australian Standards AS 1100, AS 1102 and AS 1103
Australian Engineering Drawing Handbook 51 Edition.
Bungay S.J., Standard Aircraft Handbook
Crane, D., Aircraft Hardware Standards and Engineering References
Dzik S.J., Aircraft Hardware Standards and Engineering Reference
Phillips P., Electrical Fundamentals US Dept of Transport, Aircraft Structural Repair Manuals
US Dept of Transport, Acceptable Methods, Techniques and Practices, Repairs and Alterations
ATA 100 Notes
Civil Aviation Act and Regulations
Civil Aviation Orders
Civil Aviation Safety Authority Advisory Circulars

Other Resources

Compass - spring bow
Set Square – 45 degree, 30 and 60 degree 
Scale Ruler – metric
Eraser – soft pencil type
Pencil drawing type H, 2H & 3H
Pencil Sharpener

Paper- A3

Overview of Assessment

To successfully to complete this course the student is required to pass written assessment tasks and demonstrate skills and ability by completing practical tasks to aerospace standards.

Assessment Tasks

Participants are required to complete all manual drawings, which will be assessed (60%). Closed book examination (40%).
Assessment (60%): Manual Drawings & Assignments. All Drawings must be submitted at the start of following week.
Assessment (40%): FINAL EXAMINATION
Students must pass 50% of both assessment components.
Drawing                                    Week due

Drawing 1                                      Start of class Week 3
Drawing 2                                      Start of class Week 4
Drawing 3                                      Start of class Week 5
Drawing 4                                      Start of class Week 6
Drawing 5                                      Start of class Week 7
Drawing 6                                      Start of class Week 8
Drawing 7                                      Start of class Week 9
Drawing 8                                      Start of class Week 9
Drawing 9 & Assignment           Start of class Week 10
Drawing 10a                                   Start of class Week 10
Drawing 10b                                   End of class Week 10

Assessment Matrix

DrawingLearning Outcomes% Assessments
Exam1 to 1540

Course Overview: Access Course Overview