Presentations and Publications

Entrepreneur in Residence Presentations for 2012

Marcus Powe, RMIT’s Entrepreneur in Residence, runs various lectures and workshops for Colleges, Schools and programs within RMIT University. These presentations are available for downloading.

RMIT International University Vietnam

In June 2012, Marcus Powe visited Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh campuses to promote the Business Plan Competition and the Entrepreneur in Residence program, he presented to students, staff and Alumni.

Vietnam Lecture Series

Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City vist

Marcus Powe Publications

There are two foundation books written by Guy McManus and Marcus Powe currently available from the Entrepreneur in Residence. These books are part of a 4 book series of practical entrepreneurship with examples and practice activities. Students, staff and alumni find them a valuable resource for growing opportunities in both the profit and not for profit sectors of the Australian and international marketplace.

Books can be purchased by sending an email to Marcus Powe.

Book 1 the entrepreneurial process

(PDF, 126KB)

$50.00 (including GST)


Book 2 creation of sustainable value

(PDF, 529KB)

$50.00 (including GST)


Book 3 Marketing for Growth

(PDF, 529KB)

$50.00 (including GST)

Marketing for Growth

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