C6092 - Advanced Diploma of Marketing

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Plan: C6092 - Advanced Diploma of Marketing
Campus: City Campus


Program details
Purpose of the Program
Articulation and pathways
Entrance requirements
External accreditation and industry links
Student expenses and charges in addition to fees
Library, IT and specialist resources

Program details

Award title: Advanced Diploma of Marketing
Qualification national code: BSB60507
Nominal hours: 430
Career: TAFE
Duration: 6 months (one semester)
Location: City Campus
Owning school: Vocational Business Education (650T)
Owning school URL: www.rmit.edu.au/vocbused
CRICOS code:

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Purpose of the Program

The purpose of this program is to teach you how to analyse, design and execute judgement within the marketing field and prepare you for managerial or leadership roles within the marketing industry.

If you believe you have a blend of creativity, analytical and communication skills, and a keen appetite to influence people the Advanced Diploma of Marketing is the right qualification for you.

The program will provide you with the framework for further studies in marketing and / or progression as a marketer in business and organisations.  At the level of Advanced Diploma there is more emphasis on critical thinking, leadership, self-study and employability skills that relate to real-life case studies and experience in the workplace.

This specialised program was developed in conjunction with the marketing industry and it involves the following skills:

  •     observation - being able to look at and listen to the world around you
  •     analysis - being able to interpret what you observe into meaningful data and written reports
  •     guidance - being able to provide information and recommendations to senior management
  •     alignment - being able to match the resources of your organisation with the demands of the market
  •     implementation - being able to convert theory into practice and achieve results
  •     feedback - being able to learn from actions and engage in continuous improvement

Marketing involves working with, and gaining the cooperation of people from specialist areas such as technical experts, production managers, accountants and advertising agents, so the ability to communicate effectively with people with diverse technical skills and knowledge is essential.

In the Advanced Diploma of Marketing program you will focus primarily on developing a marketing plan, managing the marketing process and looking at the broader aspects of marketing such as sustainability and international marketing.
Career outlook

The Advanced Diploma of Marketing program offers you the opportunity to gain employment in the following positions:

  •     marketing managers
  •     market research officers
  •     promotion and communication executives
  •     marketing service managers
  •     branch managers
  •     sales personnel and managers
  •     direct marketers
  •     account service managers

Global advantage
Students can gain credit points towards their studies by taking part in an international exchange program for either one semester or one year with an institution that has an exchange agreement with RMIT. A limited number of exchange scholarships are available each year.

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Articulation and pathways


The recommended pathway into this program is through completion of the Certificate IV in Marketing and the Diploma of Marketing.

Completion of these programs will ensure that on commencement you will have developed key skills including:

  • environmental and market sector analysis and research, including consumer behaviour
  • product development and resources management, including project management and teamwork
  • competitive analysis, positioning and developing business-to-business relationships
  • marketing strategy, tactics and implementation, including web-site development, marketing communications and sales management
  • marketing control, budgeting and financial management.


On the successful completion of the Advanced Diploma of Marketing program you may be able to claim credit from courses you completed.  Further information on exemptions is available at:


    You may also be eligible for credit into other RMIT programs for successfully completing this program upon application to other RMIT programs. Please check with admissions officer of your program of choice.

    Further information about pathways: http://www.rmit.edu.au/programs/pathways

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    Entrance requirements

    Current Year 12 — there are no prerequisite studies. All study disciplines have a relevance to marketing.

    Non-Year 12 - you are encouraged to apply and you may be required to have relevant employment or evidence of experience and/or the ability to meet the demands of the program. This can be discussed with the admissions officer or staff responsible for the Marketing programs.

    Equity admissions schemes

    RMIT understands that people’s backgrounds and circumstances can affect their access to education and training. RMIT’s equity admissions schemes allow applicants to explain the circumstances that have adversely affected their education, and demonstrate their capacity for future academic success.

    Further information is available at equity admissions schemes: http://www.rmit.edu.au/programs/apply

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    External accreditation and industry links


    The program has been reviewed and supported by the Program Advisory Committee (PAC) that has members drawn from industry and have a direct influence on the overall structure and content of courses as well as providing resource contacts for Work Integrated Learning (WIL) projects. WIL projects form an integral part of studies in this program.

    Professional recognition is also an important part of being a marketer.  Graduates of the Advanced Diploma of Marketing may apply for membership to the Australian Sales and Marketing Institute.

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    Student expenses and charges in addition to fees

    Once you are enrolled as a student in this program you will need to allow for expenses other than university tuition fees.  Additional expenses may relate to the purchase of lecture notes, textbooks, stationery, consumables such as printer paper, fees levied by commercial internet service providers for internet access outside of the university campus, and other relevant costs.

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    Library, IT and specialist resources

    Library resources and services

    As a student enrolled in a program at RMIT University you can access the extensive services, facilities and study space provided by the Library. You can access books, journals and other course related materials, such as DVDs, past exams, newspapers and e-books. Through our document delivery service you can also request items from any library in the world.

    Computers for study are available at every Library site, where you can access the Internet, myRMIT (www.rmit.edu.au/myrmit) or Library e-resources. If you have a laptop you can access the RMIT wireless network in the Library.

    Library staff can show you how to find information for your assignments or you can work through web-based tutorials or use our online Ask a Librarian service.

    The Library is continually expanding our electronic collections to make it easier for you to get the information you need when you need it. All RMIT students have unlimited access to quality electronic resources such as, e-books, e-journals and newspapers.

    You can find more information on Library resources and services at: http://www.rmit.edu.au/library


    Online learning tools and content

    You can access online learning tools and content for your program and associated courses at myRMIT www.rmit.edu.au/myrmit


    Services available to you as a student at RMIT

    RMIT provides a wide range of resources and opportunities to assist your learning and wellbeing so you can achieve your study and career goals. 

    Services are available face to face and online assisting with:

    • transition to tertiary study and learning
    • study skills, academic skills including literacy, numeracy and basic sciences if relevant
    • enabling assistance if you have a disability, long term medical condition or other form of disadvantage which may impact on your learning
    • career development and employment
    • living and wellbeing (including advice on health, housing and financial matters)
    • opportunities for scholarships, leadership and study abroad
    • opportunities for participating in arts, sport, recreation, fitness activities as well as student activism and university governance

    We also offer a friendly and supportive environment for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. 

    You can find more information at www.rmit.edu.au/students

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