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Mathematical Sciences

Mathematical Science at RMIT University conducts teaching and research in a wide variety of mathematical areas, including the study of resource modelling and management, discrete mathematics, information technology and security, applications in statistics and operations research, control theory and optimisation, modelling of physical problems and applied and computational mathematics.

Mathematics teaches you to think logically and approach problems in analytical and creative ways. Mathematicians and statisticians apply their problem-solving and data analysis skills to a wide variety of fields, including:

  • banking and finance (maximising profit and minimising risk)
  • sports statistics (sports science, performance analysis and sports economics)
  • environmental modelling (resources, biodiversity, weather and climate)
  • medical research (treatment and drug efficacy)
  • information security (coding, cryptography)
  • engineering (fluid mechanics, optimising industrial processes)
  • marketing (market segmentation and clustering)

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