Policies and policy processes

Project update 10 Mar 17 + Phase 2

The new Policy framework was approved in December 2015. To date, 23 out of a total of 27 policies have been approved with the 4 pending policies remaining at final draft stage.

Approved policies can only come into effect with a full suite of supporting policy processes. Phase 2 of the project involves the finalisation of these policy processes, many of which are already published and in effect. Elena Dagis and Connie D'Aloia in the Compliance Advisory, have been tasked to continue progression with this work and transition the framework into effect.

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Further information

For feedback on the policy framework or specific policies please contact the Compliance Advisory via policy@rmit.edu.au. Phase 3 of the Policy Review project will involve a post-implementation review, which will be informed by feedback and further stakeholder consultation in Q3 and Q4 of 2017.