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Certified copies of documents

Before you enrol, or when changing your personal details during your studies, you may be required to provide RMIT with certified copies of important documents.

What is a certified copy?

A certified copy is a photocopy of an original document, such as a birth certificate, marriage certificate or proof of identity, that has been certified as being a true copy of your original by an authorised person.

Who can certify my documents?

A certified copy can be verified (along with the original) by any of the following professionals:

RMIT documents

In addition to the professionals listed above, RMIT Connect staff can certify copies of official original documents produced by RMIT University, such as academic transcripts and statements of academic completion.

Check with the recipient of your certified copy that they will accept documents certified by the issuing university.

How is my copy certified?

The authorised person certifying your photocopy must sight the original document and include the following details on all pages of the photocopy:

Photocopies of previously certified documents will not be accepted.

More information

To submit a question about certified copies of documents:

You can also contact RMIT Connect in person or by phone during opening hours.