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Short-term programs

Want to get a taste of the world but not sure where to start? Short-term programs give you an array of options: spend the winter in Korea studying organisational culture or go to China and learn about cultural diversity through language, all the while experiencing a new country.

The options for short-term programs are endless; you can study through an exchange partner, through study abroad or through an external provider. Most programs will allow you to transfer credit back to your degree at RMIT.

RMIT offers places in partner university programs on an exchange (tuition fees payable to RMIT) or study abroad (tuition fees payable to host) basis.

Winter programsSummer programs

Study Abroad v. Exchange

If your program is a short-term study abroad program this means you pay your tuition fees directly to the host institution and do not pay your fees to RMIT. You do remain enrolled at RMIT in codes that do not attract any fees.

If your program is a short-term exchange program you continue to pay your fees to RMIT. There are limited places for short-term exchange as these are based on reciprocity.

How to apply?

Check each program website for details on the application process. A general guide to the process:

Short-term Study Abroad

Short-term Exchange

Submit an application directly to the partner institution

Submit an application to the Global Mobility Office (GloMo) at RMIT via Mobi

Once you have received notification that you have been accepted register your program details via Mobi

GloMo will review your application and advise whether you have been recommended to progress to the next stage

GloMo will provide you with your enrolment codes and a Mobility Confirmation Letter

You will apply directly to the partner institution. They will review your application and advise if you have been accepted

GloMo will provide a Mobility Confirmation Letter

Your School will provide you with the enrolment codes

What if I’ve found my own program?

If your program is not listed on our website please refer to the self-sourced program page for more information.