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Short term programs

Study, travel and earn credit towards your degree with RMIT study tours and short term programs. Both programs are available in the summer and winter breaks providing flexible options for your studies.

What is a Global Intensive (Study Tour)?

Forget you average tourist tours! Global Intensives give you an opportunity to experience a country and its culture with locally connected program leaders. Spend two-four weeks over the winter and summer breaks and earn credit towards your degree. All intensive programs are accompanied by an RMIT Academic.

What is Short-Term Program?

Want to get a taste of the world but not sure where to start? Short-term programs give you an array of options: spend the winter in Korea studying organisational culture or go to China and learn about cultural diversity through language, all the while experiencing a new country.

The options for short-term programs are endless; you can study through an exchange partner, through study abroad or through an external provider. Most programs will allow you to transfer credit back to your degree at RMIT.

RMIT offers places in partner university programs on an exchange (tuition fees payable to RMIT) or study abroad (tuition fees payable to host) basis.

List of all Study Tours and Short-Term Programs

All Global Intensives and Short-term Programs that are supported by RMIT are listed on this website.

Funding for study tours

Please see financial support options.


Applying for a short-term program

The process below is only for short-term programs that are not listed on our site.



Further details


Apply for the short term program.

If you are not applying for RMIT credit for your program proceed to step 3.

Applications are made directly via the program or as directed by EAO. Contact if you are unclear on how to apply.


Complete a study plan, attach a course description and have it reviewed and signed by your program director.


Register with Education Abroad - once you have accepted a place in the program register with the EAO via the Global Mobility Registration application on Mobi

If you are not applying for RMIT credit end here.

Study Abroad - EAO will give you the appropriate codes for enrollment once you have completed your application in Mobi

Exchange program - your School will give you the appropriate codes for enrollment.


When you return from overseas submit your transcript or proof of program completion, and signed study plan to the program director.

A study plan can be provided by EAO.


Complete a travel report.

Please contact the Senior Coordinator, Global Mobility for more information.