RMIT University

Admission forms

Applicants may be required to complete additional forms as part of their program application.

Supporting documents cover sheet

If you are submitting a direct application for your program and wish to include more supporting documents, please make sure you also include a signed Submission of supporting documents cover sheet.

Supplementary information forms and pre-selection kits

If you are required to complete a supplementary information form or pre-selection kit as part of your program application, this will be shown for your program under the heading Entry requirements, or in the VTAC guide.

Program and form name

This form should be completed for the following VTAC courses

AD016 - Associate Degree in Professional Writing and Editing

Professional Writing and Editing (Associate Degree)

BH000 - Bachelor of Applied Science (Psychology) (Honours)


BH052 - Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) (Honours)


BH102 - Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours)

Pharmacy (Honours)

BH104 - Bachelor of Industrial Design (Honours)

Industrial Design (Honours)

BH115 - Bachelor of Interior Design (Honours)

Interior Design (Honours)

BP115 - Bachelor of Design (Communication Design)

Communication Design

BP148 - Bachelor of Applied Science (Medical Radiations)

Medical Radiations-Nuclear Medicine

Medical Radiations-Radiation Therapy

Medical Radiations-Medical Imaging (Radiography)

BP201 - Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) – no longer available

Please note that the submission deadline for this pre-selection has passed.

BP203 - Bachelor of Arts (Animation and Interactive Media)

Animation and Interactive Media

BP214 - Bachelor of Design (Games)

Games Design

BP250 - Bachelor of Architectural Design


BP256 - Bachelor of Landscape Architectural Design

Landscape Architecture

BP257 - Bachelor of Arts (Creative Writing)

Creative Writing

C4276 - Certificate IV in Sound Production

Sound Production

C4312 - Certificate IV in Photo Imaging

Photography and Photo Imaging

C5216 - Diploma of Screen and Media

Screen and Media (Film and Television Production)

C5308 - Diploma of Visual Art

Visual Art

C5314 - Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing

Professional Writing and Editing

C6125 - Advanced Diploma of Professional Screenwriting


MC002 - Master of Psychology


MC078 - Master of Fine Art


MC232 - Master of Animation, Games and Interactivity


MC250 - Master of Communication Design