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Sustainability Governance

Sustainability Committee

Since its inception in late 2009, the RMIT Sustainability Committee has provided leadership, co-ordination and guidance to the University on integrating sustainability principles and practices throughout learning and teaching, research and operational activities. The Committee has established a number of operational working groups to address practical sustainability issues, including:

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Sustainability Action Plan

The RMIT Sustainability Committee has developed an action plan to embed sustainability across all aspects of RMIT life. The document aims to reduce resource consumption, establish RMIT as a leader in sustainable practice, education and research, whilst ensuring the University is able to adapt to future sustainability issues.

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Sustainability Policy

The RMIT Council has approved the Sustainability Policy developed by the Sustainability Committee. The Policy takes a holistic approach looking at sustainability in a wider context, rather than limiting the policy to an environmental perspective. One of the strengths of the University’s programs and research is to understand the interrelated issues and complexities required to create a sustainable future and the policy aims to reflect this.

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Sustainability in Learning and Teaching

A website has been established for academics and teaching staff who are looking to find out more about sustainability learning and teaching.

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Sustainability in Research

Research in sustainability related issues now represents a significant contribution to RMIT’s overall research profile. The integration of social equity, economic prosperity and resource conservation is central to RMIT’s sustainability research programs, especially in the work undertaken by RMIT’s Health, Design, Platform Technologies and Global Cities Research Institutes.

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Founders Day Magazine

As RMIT celebrates our 124th anniversary, the Founders Day Magazine 'Making Cities Work' showcases the innovative research conducted at RMIT with a focus on sustainable cities.

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