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17 February 2012

Alumnus has the smart phone smarts

Many software engineers and IT professionals dream of developing a "killer app" for smart phones. Others dream of one day having a book published.

RMIT Vietnam alumnus Khang Vo with friends

Vo Duy Khang (seated) discusses his work with friends.

Not many achieve either - and even fewer do so in their early 20s.

But Vo Duy Khang, an alumnus of RMIT International University Vietnam's Bachelor of Information Technology program, has had success in both areas - and now has the makings of a successful business linking Vietnam and Australia.

Mr Vo graduated from RMIT Vietnam in November 2010 and travelled to Adelaide, where he is now completing a Master of Information Technology.

A scholarship has given him the freedom to apply his own financial resources to getting a small business off the ground while he studies.

His hard work and talent have been recognised by US publisher Apress, which has just decided to publish a book by Mr Vo on how to build better iPhone applications.

His book, Pro iOS Apps Performance Optimization, fills a need in the market for more practical guidance in this booming area of consumer technology.

Mr Vo's creativity and expertise has also been applied to a business start-up, which already has five people on staff in Australia.

Almost all his development team to date are RMIT students or graduates.

"They speak English well, and they all have a good understanding of what is needed," Mr Vo said.

According to Mr Vo, the basis of a good user experience of any iPhone or iPad app is good performance.

There is enormous potential in helping social networking applications such as Facebook to provide a better user experience by moving data in a quicker and smarter way over the net.

Apress has been impressed by his thinking in this area, as shown on his own website and as shared among the global online community.

One of Mr Vo's mentors has been Barend Scholtus, Academic Services Manager for the Bachelor of IT program in Ho Chi Minh City, and the two continue to discuss shared interests regularly.

"We hope - in fact we are pretty sure - that Khang's learning experiences at RMIT Vietnam have made contributions to his achievements to date, and we hope the best is yet to come," Mr Scholtus said.

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