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Media and Communication

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Key activities

Lecturer in the Media Program.

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Seth Keen is a media artist and lecturer in New Media in the Media Program, School of Media and Communication, RMIT University. He holds a MA (by Research) and a PhD (Media and Communication). Seth works with video to explore the nexus between documentary practice and new media technologies. His practice is interdisciplinary across media, art and design. He produces video works for exhibition, broadcast, screening and online publication. Interested in social and environmental change, Seth collaborates with organisations on the design of frameworks to create online interactive documentaries, audio-visual archives and tools.

In collaboration with the Institute of Network Cultures in Amsterdam, Seth helped facilitate and research the Video Vortex conference series, a critical forum on online video.

Research supervision

Seth supervises honours and postgraduate, thesis and project based research.

Key areas: new media, interactive documentary, online video, media art narrative, film and television, communication for development.

Masters (by research)

2014 (in progress), Nicholas Hansen, Looking@Looking (Working title), Online interactive documentary on mainstream news coverage of disasters.


2011, Jim Elson-John, ‘Still in Motion: A video translation of the photo-essay’.

2010, Annabelle Clark, Successful Concept Development for the Factual Entertainment and Reality Television Genre’.

2008 Sandra O’Connor, ‘Flanear: Preserving the multiplicity of sonic experiences online’.

2008 Nico Leonard, ‘Format Wars: Developing a multiple format publishing model for independent comic book creators’.

2007, Kristin Stephenson, ‘Continuity Supervising: Old Practice, New Technology’.


Refereed publications

Keen, Seth. “Purrumbete Verandah, 2008.” Placescape, placemaking, placemarking, placedness, geography and cultural production, Barcelona, Spain: The Australian Studies Centre, University of Barcelona 11. (2013): 54–59. Print.

Creative works

Keen, Seth. Ramblings of a Post-industrial Media Maker. Mobile Innovation Network Aotearoa, International Mobile Innovation Screenings, The New Zealand Film Archive, Te Anakura Whitiahua, Wellington 2013. Video.

Keen, Seth. Mt William Station Lagoon, 2013Narrating Place, Art and Cartography Commission Screenings, International Cartographic Association Conference, Dresden, Germany, 2013 Video.

Keen, Seth. “The Grampians.” Ed. Adrian Miles. Quickened: A Video iBook, Axon Creative Explorations 3.1. (2013): n. pag.

Keen, Seth. Purrumbete Verandah. DVD, Single-channel video, 2010. RMIT Gallery, RMIT University, Melbourne.

Keen, Seth, and Lisa Palmer. Wai Lia Bere,. Video, Documentary. Darasula Village, Timor Leste, Australia Research Council, The University of Melbourne, 2010.

Keen, Seth, Chris Olver and Martin Theile. Bogota Colombia Virtual Tour. Website, Online Interactive Documentary. World Vision Australia, Melbourne 2009-12.

Keen, Seth. Glasshouse Birdman. Website, Online Interactive Documentary. RMIT University, Australian Screen Production Education & Research Association, 2007.

Deverell, K, Keen, S & Wolf, D 2007, Videodefunct Pedestrian JavaMuseum: The New Museum of Networked Art Cologne, Germany, Interactive online video.

Keen, S 2006, The Hazzard Diaries, Transformations: Journal of Media and Culture, Bundaberg, Interactive online video.

Keen, S 2005, The Hazzards, Australia Centre for the Moving Image, Memory Grid Collection, Melbourne, Single-channel video.

Keen, S 2006, boomsplatbangwhack, Queensland Museum, Brisbane, Single-channel video.

Keen, S 2005, Nodal Dialectics 1.0, Sydney Film Festival, Oz Digital Shorts, Sydney, This is Not Art, Electrofringe, Newcastle, Single-channel video.

Book chapters

Keen, Seth. “Purrumbete Verandah.” In Designing Place: An Archaeology of the Western District, 32–35. Melbourne: Melbourne Books, 2010.

Keen, S 2010, ‘Videodefunct: tagged, triptych online video content’, in L French, C Rogers & J Weight (eds), Mediations: Working Papers on Media and Practice, Creative Space, San Francisco.

Keen, S 2008, ‘Videodefunct: Online video is not dead’, in G Lovink & S Niederer (eds), Video Vortex Reader: Responses to YouTube, XS4ALL, Amsterdam, pp. 231-7.

Conference presentations

Keen, Seth. “Transformed practices: What is a documentary designer?” New Documentaries: New Methodologies panel, Screen Explosion: Expanding practices, narratives and education for the Creative Screen Industries, ASPERA , Australia Screen Producers and Educators Association, Newcastle, Australia, 2014.

Keen, Seth. “Documentary Design: How the Internet Is Shaping My Documentary Practice.” Back to the Future: Re-framing New & Old Screen Production Practices. Melbourne, Australia: Swinburne University, RMIT University, Deakin University, 2013.

Keen, Seth. “Poetic Taxonomies and Spatial Fluctuations.” The Future is Back: New Visions for Film and WebVideo, Vortex 9, Re:assemblies of Video, Lüneburg, Germany: Leuphana University, 2013.

Keen, Seth. “The Bogota Prototype: Designing a Framework for Making Web Documentaries.”New Fusions: New Platforms and Interactivity. Canberra, Australia: Australian National University, 2012.

Keen, Seth. “Networked Documentary.” Digital/Documentary/Audience. Canberra,
Australia: Waikato University, University of New South Wales, 2012.

Keen, Seth. “Can a Documentary Be an Archive? Can an Archive Be a Documentary?” Nonfiction,Narrative, and the Archive: Audio Visual Experiments. Melbourne, Australia: RMIT University, 2012.

Keen, S 2011, ‘Bogota Colombia: Designing a framework for a web documentary on people and place’, paper presented to Australian Screen Production Education and Research Association, Future Shocks and Wiki-Docs: What Next for Documentary? Curtin University, Perth

Keen, S 2006, ‘Net-vlog: What is a networked videoblog? ‘, paper presented to IR 7.0 Internet Convergences Brisbane, Australia,.


Keen, Seth. “The Rumblings Ramblings of a Post-industrial Media Producer Maker.” PIMP 01: Post-industrial Media: Education? Ed. Adrian Miles. Melbourne, Australia: School of Media and Communication, RMIT University. iBook

Keen, S 2004, ‘Still travel, The Passenger, David McDowell ‘, RealTime, no. 61, June-July, p. 45.

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