RMIT University

Cancel your enrolment

If you have enrolled and you wish to cancel your enrolment it is your responsibility to inform RMIT in writing before the census date in the relevant semester.

If you fail to do this you will have to pay fees for that semester even if you do not wish to continue your studies.

You cannot cancel your enrolment or drop your last course using Enrolment Online. To cancel your enrolment you must either complete the Cancellation of enrolment (PDF 49kb 2p) form or write a letter clearly stating your request, then lodge the form or letter at RMIT Connect before the relevant census date.

You should retain a stamped copy of your form as proof of submission

For more information about census dates go to Important dates for students or check the Higher Education or Vocational education census dates webpages.

Onshore international students

Onshore international students who want to cancel your enrolment before you have finished six months of study in your principal program must apply for a release from RMIT before you submit the Cancellation of enrolment form. For information on how to apply for a release please go to the Transferring between registered providers web page and follow the Current RMIT students – application for release from RMIT instructions.

Note that you may be charged an administrative fee for cancelling your enrolment. For details please refer to the refund guidelines located on the Policies and procedures website. Forms are available at RMIT Connect on your campus or on the Student forms web page. The form must be received and stamped prior to the relevant census date in each semester/term to avoid financial and/or academic penalties.