Certificate and diploma

Hannah Martin

Hannah Martin, recipient of the Wendy Royle Scholarship.

The following scholarships for certificate and diploma students encourage you to follow your passion and develop highly sought-after, industry-relevant skills.

University wide scholarships

University wide scholarships are open to all students across the University. 

  • Australia Awards Scholarship For international bachelor, masters by coursework and PhD students offering various scholarships and awards; worth tuition fees, stipend and more; open date varies by country.
  • Emeritus Professor John Jackson Scholarship For local diploma or degree commencing students demonstrating financial/educational disadvantage; worth tuition fees plus up to $17,000 for study and living expenses; not currently taking applications.
  • Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships For international students, worth up to $263,500; Applications now open.
  • Evelyn Boekemann Scholarship For Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander students in a diploma or degree program; worth a one-off payment of up to $1000; applications are now closed.
  • George Alexander Foundation Scholarship For local diploma or degree students with academic ability, leadership potential, a passion for community involvement and the will to succeed; worth $7500 per year; applications now closed.
  • John Storey Junior Memorial Scholarship For local currently enrolled RMIT students applying for the RMIT Exchange Program; worth between $3000 and $5000; applications close July and December.
  • Northcote Trust Scholarship For local diploma and degree students progressing from a diploma to a degree in the same field; worth $10,000–$15,000 over two to three years; applications are now closed.
  • Orcadia Foundation Scholarship For local and refugee students with financial / or education disadvantages; worth up to $7000 as a one-off payment; applications are now closed.
  • RMIT Accommodation Support Scholarship For local commencing students moving to Melbourne to study; worth up to $5200 towards accommodation for one year; applications now open.
  • RMIT Equity Travel Grant For local students commencing an international mobility activity travelling internationally for study; worth up to $4000; applications are now closed.
  • RMIT Student Mobility Grant For local or international students worth $1000.
  • RMIT Study Support Scholarship For local students with financial difficulties/disadvantage; worth up tp $2500; applications now open.
  • RMIT Village Accommodation Support Scholarship For disadvantaged local commencing students moving to Melbourne to study; worth up to $5712 towards accommodation at RMIT Village in your first year; applications are now closed.
  • St Vincent de Paul Grant for Students with Disabilities For students who need assistive technology to study; application times vary
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Interest/discipline area scholarships

Art and design scholarships

  • Wendy Royle Scholarship For first-year students in the RMIT Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration; worth a one-off payment of $1500.

Business scholarships

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Computing and information technology scholarships

Engineering and related technologies scholarships

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Health and medical sciences scholarships

Media and communication scholarships

  • Victor Greenhalgh Scholarship For local undergraduate or vocational education media and communication students who are financially, socially or geographically disadvantaged; worth up to $3500; applications are now closed.

External scholarships

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