Dr Graham Dorrington


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Aerosp Mech & Manuf Eng

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+61 3 9925 6150



Building: 251
Level: 3
Room: 26

Bundoora East Campus


Science, Engineering & Health

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Bundoora East campus

Key activities

  • Teaching and coordinating this semester:
    • AERO2360 Aerospace Propulsion
    • AERO2366, Aerospace Group Project (Critical Design)
    • AERO2423, Aerospace Special Project (UFAV).
  • Supervising individual 4th year projects.


  • Ph.D., University of Cambridge, UK (1989)

Industry experience

Previous employment with: European Space Agency (ESA-ESTEC) Noordwijk (the Netherlands); RAE Farnborough and Bedford (UK), British Aerospace (Space and Communications. Div); British Aerospace Aircraft Division (Chester and Hatfield UK); Monarch Airlines (UK); Hamilton Airship Company (South Africa); Southampton University (UK); Queen Mary, University of London (UK).

Formerly: Alexander von Humboldt Fellow, ESA Research Fellow


Designed, built and flew two ultra-light (battery-electric motor powered) airships over tropical rain forest, Sabah (1995), Guyana (2004), see project website below.

Research overview

Main present research interests: lighter-than-air aircraft technology and flight (performance) analysis; aerospace propulsion systems.

Emerging interests: aerobiology, biological flight.

I am interested in supervising PhD students in all areas of aerospace design, flight performance analysis and flight dynamics, including natural flight and bio-inspired systems.

Current awards: AMSI Aerochute Pty Ltd project to develop alternative powered parawing-trike.

Other research-related project websites: Dendronautics


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Staff work

Dendronautics – Exploration of the rain forest canopy using airships and other methods

Antique Farm Tools – A collection by Peter Charles Dorrington

Media experience

Graham Dorrington has participated in several documentaries: