Dr Liza Oates


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School of Health and Biomedical Sciences

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+61 3 9925 7440



Building: 202
Level: 04
Room: 016

Bundoora West campus


Science, Engineering and Health

Liza Oates

Summary of responsibilities

  • Course co-ordinator for Food as Medicine (Wellness) and Introduction to Food as Medicine (undergraduate elective).
  • Course co-ordinator for Wellness Practices & Perspectives (Wellness)


  • PhD
  • GradCert Evid-based CompMed UQ/SCU
  • BHSc (Nat) ACNM
  • BA Curtin


  • National Herbalists Association of Australia
  • Australasian Integrative Medicine Association
  • Australian Register of Naturopaths & Herbalists (Past Victorian Board Member)


  • Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Teaching (RMIT)
  • Certificate of Recognition for Good Teaching Scores (RMIT)
  • College of Science, Engineering and Health Higher Degree by Research Student Conference (2010) - Runner's Up Best Oral Presentation; Poster - Highly Commended
  • Academic Blue for Teaching Excellence (2004)
  • Most Outstanding Graduating Student (1988)


Liza’s research focusses on pesticide exposure and the health and wellness effects of organic diets. As part of her PhD she ran a biomonitoring study entitled ‘Intrapersonal variation in pesticide residues in response to an organic diet' which demonstrated that a week-long organic diet significantly reduces urinary pesticide metabolites. Her research has also explored the beliefs of organic consumers, and she has developed a dietary assessment tool for quantifying organic food consumption and conducted several online surveys. The findings suggest organic food has multidimensional benefits that include reduced pesticide exposure and psychological, social and contextual factors.

Key research publications

  • Oates, L., Cohen, M., Braun, L., Schembri, A., & Taskova, R. (2014). Reduction in urinary organophosphate pesticide metabolites in adults after a week-long organic diet. Environmental Research, 132(0), 105-111.
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Key conferences

  • Oates L, Cohen M, Braun L (Presentation) What's in my wee? Reducing pesticide residues using an organic diet, Organic Food Quality & Health Conference. 5-7 June, Warsaw, Poland
  • Oates L, Cohen M, Braun L (2013) (Presentation) Reducing pesticide residues using an organic diet. 3rd International conference on the Science of Nutrition in Medicine. 4-5 May, Sydney, Australia.
  • Oates L, Cohen M, Mann N (2011) (Presentation) Defining organic consumers. 3rd Scientific Conference of the International Society of Organic Agriculture Research (ISOFAR): 28 September - 1 October. Namyangju, Republic of Korea.
  • Oates L., (2011) (Poster) Evaluating pesticide exposure in organic and conventional consumers: selecting suitable participants, Organic Food Quality & Health Conference. 18-20 May, Prague, Czech Republic