Peer Partnerships

RMIT Peer Partnerships is sustainable, school-based professional development involving peer observation of teaching.

Photograph of Dr. Mandy Kienhuis and Trevor Skerry discussing peer partnerships

Dr. Mandy Kienhuis and Trevor Skerry discuss peer partnerships.

Peer feedback on Teaching is now part of RMIT University’s strategic vision for the professional development of teaching staff. Peer feedback at RMIT has two separate but complementary components that serve different purposes. They are Peer Partnerships and Peer Review. This section focusses on Peer Partnerships and provides information and resources to support the implementation of Peer Partnerships in schools.

The RMIT Peer Partnerships model encourages teaching staff to voluntarily take a critically reflective approach to their teaching practice for developmental purposes. Through a process of confidential peer exchange, staff can learn about teaching and/or work toward enhancing the quality of their teaching practice.

Research on RMIT Peer Partnerships shows that participation builds relationships, enhances confidence, and can impact positively on student perceptions of teaching.

If you are passionate about continuous improvement of your teaching, would like to experiment with new teaching techniques and are willing to share knowledge and experience about teaching practice with your colleagues, peer partnerships can help support this process.