Blackboard Guest Role is now available

Blackboard’s Guest Role has been implemented for all current and past Course shells. This allows Instructors to grant guest / read only access to their Blackboard content.

Blackboard’s Guest Role can be assigned to existing RMIT Blackboard users to allow them access to view course materials such as Learning Resources, Announcements, Blackboard Collaborate sessions, and Course Contacts. Further details about Blackboard's Guest role are available via Blackboard Help.

Instructions for assigning the Guest Role can be accessed via myCommunity.

Blackboard is the course level online learning management system (LMS) used at RMIT. Teachers and their students will have access to an online Blackboard shell for their courses. All undergraduate courses and many post graduate courses have Blackboard shells which can be used for a variety of learning and teaching activities including:

  • Creating and distributing interactive course activities and content.
  • Engaging and communicating with students through social learning.
  • Managing student collaborative and reflective activities.
  • Conducting online assessment.
  • Storing assessment to comply with assessment requirements.
  • Recording and distributing student grades.

Bb Student mobile app

Bb Student is Blackboard's newest mobile solution that helps students react quickly to their changing course needs, while learning to plan for the future.

With Bb Student, you can:

  • Quickly view updates to your courses and content
  • Take assignments and tests
  • View course, assignment, and test grades

Please be aware that Bb Student has limited functionality compared to the full desktop version and should not be used as a replacement. Some features, including some media, tests, and Turnitin, do not function or display properly.

Accessing RMIT Vietnam courses

A separate login is no longer required to access Blackboard courses delivered in Vietnam. The ‘Programs and Courses’ listing within Blackboard will now display all Melbourne and Vietnam courses you have access to. Please note that Vietnam courses will not display in the Learning Hub listing.

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