Course Title: Adolescent Health and Nursing

Part A: Course Overview

Course Title: Adolescent Health and Nursing

Credit Points: 12.00

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Learning Mode

Teaching Period(s)


Bundoora Campus


150H Health Sciences


Sem 1 2006,
Sem 1 2007

Course Coordinator: Ms Aruna Akkireddi

Course Coordinator Phone: +61 3 99257452

Course Coordinator Email:

Course Coordinator Location: Building 201 Level 4 Room 16

Pre-requisite Courses and Assumed Knowledge and Capabilities

Registration as a Division 1 Nurse

Basic computer skills

Course Description

This course provides students with an opportunity to focus on adolescent health and health care within the context of school, family, and community environments. Physical, cognitive, moral and psychosocial growth and development will be the foundation on which the promotion and maintenance adolescents’ health will be addressed. In addition, common adolescent social and health issues related to nutrition, sexuality, homelessness, stress and suicide and chronic illnesses will be discussed. The role of the Child and Adolescent health nurse in terms of health services, health education, health promotion, counselling, healthy school environment, family and community involvement will be evaluated

Key Areas
• Adolescent development, including physical, cognitive and psychosocial;
• Adolescent social and health issues;
• The role of the nurse as a provider of primary health care to adolescents.

Objectives/Learning Outcomes/Capability Development

The dimensions of capability developed in the course include:
1. Ability to apply advanced skills in assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation in a variety of school and community settings
3. Advanced knowledge in Child and Adolescent Health area
4. Professional responsibility and accountability to make ethical decisions
5. Apply an evidence-based approach to advanced practice
8. Engaging in reflective practice and professional development of self and others

At the completion of the course you should be able to:
• Acquire and interpret physical, cognitive and psychosocial developmental assessment data
• Apply knowledge and skills of advanced monitoring and assessment of adolescents appropriate in a school and community environment
• Incorporate bioscientific principles in the collaborative management of adolescents with special needs
• Critically apply health assessment findings to specific clinical conditions in order to provide safe and effective Child and Adolescent Health Care
• Plan, implement and evaluate collaborative management according to the identified health needs of adolescents
• Analyse the effects and implications for adolescents, families, peers, and school
• Critically apply contemporary evidence-based nursing knowledge to healthy and ill adolescents
• Develop and utilise critical thinking processes and problem solving skills in order to effectively practice as a competent Child and Adolescent Health nurse

The underpinning knowledge and skill developed in the course includes:
• Advanced skills to assess physical, cognitive, psychosocial development of adolescents
• Awareness of potential psychosocial, and cultural issues relevant to adolescents and their families
• Advanced health assessment, to determine the nursing interventions needed based on the health and developmental status of the adolescent
• Application of Child and Adolescent health knowledge and skills in the provision of health services, health education, health promotion, counselling and healthy school environment,
• Application of Child and Adolescent health knowledge and skills in the provision of effective care to adolescents who are experiencing health problems
• Establishment of interventions provided at school, which may include health monitoring and health education of adolescents with chronic illnesses or disability
• Demonstrate the ability to utilise decision making skills within the school and community context
• Knowledge of legal and ethical issues
• Collaborative interventions and plans of care incorporating current research findings
• Knowledge of professional role of the nurse in various Secondary School and community settings

Overview of Learning Activities

Directed learning exercises
Clinical review
Additional readings.

Overview of Learning Resources

Class discussion
Additional readings
Visit to secondary schools and youth specific health agencies
Case scenarios
Class discussion
Online discussion forums

Overview of Assessment

Critique of journal article addressing adolescent development and health

Class presentation
on a youth specific agency visit

Written assignment on “Nurse’s role in promoting health of an adolescent”