Course Title: Creative Practice

Part A: Course Overview

Course Title: Creative Practice

Credit Points: 12

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City Campus


345H Media and Communication


Sem 1 2006

Course Coordinator: Gaye Swinn

Course Coordinator Phone: +61 3 9925 2265

Course Coordinator

Pre-requisite Courses and Assumed Knowledge and Capabilities

Prerequisites: As for program.
Co-subjects: Courses in 1st Semester.

Course Description

This course is a global survey of contemporary, leading-edge practice in the creative industries, delivered by a series of guest lecturers and encased in an overarching framework that holds these disparate elements together. By not privileging one discipline, it is intended to expose students to the many pathways to a research-based outcome and to encourage the formation of a community both of scholarship and practice.

Objectives/Learning Outcomes/Capability Development

In this course students will develop the capacity to:
1. Understand the dynamics of the movement of ideas from conception to realisation of: Screenplay, Film, Video, photograph/image, multimedia product and text.

In this course students will:
1.    Engage with the creative process as exemplified by the speakers.
2.    Understand social and cultural context, to positioning their practice in a social and contemporary idiom relative to the practice of others.
3.    Enhance communication attributes that are essential in industry and associated practice.
4.    Critically reflect in a dynamic and innovative manner for emerging cross- disciplinary knowledge generation.
5.    Recognise future trends in contemporary practice.
6.    Understand the nexus between theory and practice.
7.    Develop socially aware and responsible judgments around practice: ethical, professional and legal.
8.    Understand national and international perspectives, cultural differences and adaptive behaviour.
9.    Refine a personal aesthetic.
10.    Develop the ability to work cooperatively.

Overview of Learning Activities

Teaching will be conducted by lectures and Q&A sessions by both visiting and campus-based guest speakers from the discipline areas of Creative Writing, Multimedia, Screen Production, Photography and Screen Writing. It is important to note that an absolute proportional representation of the disciplines is irrelevant as this course represents a larger overview of the program as a whole. Given the turbulent nature of the creative arts in the digital age, changes will occur over time, in the nature and emphasis of the material presented.

Overview of Learning Resources

Many of the resources you will be expected to use are computer based, and you will have access to the School’s post-graduate computer studio. You will be expected to provide a means to transfer data between home and university environments. You should make use of wider university resources such as libraries, print, audio-visual collections and on-line resources.

Overview of Assessment

Students must complete two papers to pass the course. Students must complete their papers within the allotted time-frame unless granted an extension. All students are expected to participate in the forum discussions. Each of the two papers of 1200 words, will be an analysis of and reflection upon one of the guest lectures particularly as it pertains to their own creative practice.

Each paper represents a possible 50% of the total marks for the subject.