Course Title: Perform brazing and/or silver soldering

Part A: Course Overview

Program: C5204 Diploma of Engineering - Advanced Trade

Course Title: Perform brazing and/or silver soldering

Portfolio: SEH Portfolio Office

Nominal Hours: 20

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Course Description

This unit covers performing brazing and silver soldering
including the preparation of materials and equipment and
the inspection of the completed work.

Pre-requisite Courses and Assumed Knowledge and Capabilities


National Competency Codes and Titles

National Element Code & Title:

MEM05006B Perform brazing and/or silver soldering


1 Prepare materials and
1.1 Job requirements are determined from specifications
and/ or instructions.
1.2 Materials are correctly prepared using appropriate tools
and techniques.
1.3 Materials are correctly assembled/aligned to meet
specifications as required.
1.4 Distortion prevention measures are identified and
appropriate action is taken as required.
1.5 Heating equipment is assembled and set up safely and
correctly in accordance with standard operating
1.6 Correct and appropriate consumables are selected and
1.7 Test run is undertaken and verified as required.

2 Braze and/or silver solder 2.1 The correct process is selected to meet specifications.
2.2 Materials are preheated as required.
2.3 Consumables are applied using correct techniques.
2.4 Jointing material is applied correctly and in appropriate
quantities to meet job/specifications.
2.5 Material temperature is normalised using correct and
appropriate techniques.

3 Inspect joints 3.1 Excess jointing materials are removed using correct
and appropriate techniques.
3.2 Inspection of joints is undertaken to standard operating
3.3 Inspection results are reported/recorded using standard
operating procedures as required.

Learning Outcomes

Overview of Assessment

A person who demonstrates competency in this unit must be
able to perform brazing and silver soldering.