BH116 - Bachelor of Applied Science (Surveying) (Honours)

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RMIT program code: BH116
Plan name: Bachelor of Applied Science (Surveying) (Honours)
Plan code: BH116
Campus: City Campus
Credit points per semester:
Full time: 48
Part time: 24
CRICOS code: 084350E

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2018 Enrolment Program Structure

For students who commence their study in this program from 1 January 2016 onwards, please note that some courses listed in this structure will have their course marks count toward your program's weighted average mark. Your weighted average mark will determine the honours level of your award once you have completed the program. If a course counts toward your weighted average mark, that fact will be stated in its course guide. In Enrolment Online, after you completed your course enrolment, you will be notified which of the enrolled courses will count toward the weighted average mark.

Year One of Program
ANDYear Two of Program
ANDYear Three of Program
ANDYear Four of Program

Credittransfer / recognitionof prior learning

You may be eligible for credit or recognition of prior learning (RPL) toward your RMIT program.Please read theHow to apply for creditinformation and complete the forms required. Please ensure that you submit this information by the relevantcensus date. Please submit your application through theRMIT Connect portal.

For more information about the weighted average mark, please click here

To graduate you must complete the following:

Work experience

In addition to completing the courses in the program, you are required to obtaina minimum of 12 weeks work experience during your program. This is usually undertaken in vacation periods of the program.

Students articulating from RMITs School of Vocational Engineering & Heath Sciences with an Advanced Diploma in Surveying or Advanced Diploma in Spatial Information Services

Students who have completed the Advanced Diploma in Surveying or Advanced Diplomain Spatial Information Serviceswill be eligible for Credit Transferin accordance with the articulation agreement between the programs.

You are strongly advised toapply for credit transfer during your first week in the program via the RMIT Connect Portal (

Students transferring from BH117- Bachelor of Science (Geospatial Science)(Honours)

  • Applications for transfer from BH117to BH116will only be considered after successful completion of the first year of BH117and the courseMathematics for Surveying and Geomatics A.
  • A credit level average (GPA 2) must be obtained. In addition,transfer will only be possible if there arevacancies in program BH116.
  • Students accepted into BH116will receive credits for all courses common between the two programs and these common courses will be included in the calculation of program Grade Point Average.

Students transferring orentering from other Higher Education programs

Students who have partially or fully completed another higher education program may be eligible for someCredit Transfer/Recognition of Prior Learning.

Program Transition Plan

Please note that this program has a program transition plan that outlines key changes to the BH116 program effective 2017. This information can be foundhere. Students must refer to this information for their 2018 enrolments.

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Year One of Program

Note:Youare to enrol inGEOM1033 Semester 2only. Please do not enrol into GEOM1033 in Semester 1.

Students are advised that MATH2163 is offered as a Summer course as well as in Semester 1.

Complete the following Eight (8) Courses:
Course TitleCredit PointsPrereqs/ CoreqsCourse CodeCampusSemester 1 ClassSemester 2 Class
Mathematics for Surveying and Geomatics A12YesMATH2163City Campus2691
Surveying 112GEOM2088City Campus1743
Scientific Communication12ONPS2338City Campus1899
Cartography 112GEOM2077City Campus1734
Physical Geography12GEOM1022City Campus1481
Spatial Information Science Fundamentals12GEOM1033City Campus14971483
Introduction to Physical Modelling12PHYS1080City Campus1422
Applied Geospatial Techniques12YesGEOM2083City Campus1683

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Year Two of Program

Note:Youare to enrol inGEOM1044 inSemester 2only.

Pleasedo notenrol into GEOM1044 in Semester 1.

Students are advised that MATH2164is offered as a Summer course as well as in Semester 1.

Complete the following Eight (8) Courses:
Course TitleCredit PointsPrereqs/ CoreqsCourse CodeCampusSemester 1 ClassSemester 2 Class
Mathematics for Surveying and Geomatics B12YesMATH2164City Campus1584
Geospatial Physics and Statistics12YesPHYS2088City Campus1491
Surveying 212YesGEOM2089City Campus1744
Cartography 212YesGEOM2079City Campus1736
Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry 112YesGEOM2084City Campus1684
Surveying 312YesGEOM2091City Campus1685
Spatial Information Science Principles12YesGEOM1044City Campus1484
GPS Mapping12YesGEOM2139City Campus1797

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Year Three of Program

Complete the following Seven (7) Courses:
Course TitleCredit PointsPrereqs/ CoreqsCourse CodeCampusSemester 1 ClassSemester 2 Class
Cadastral Surveying 112YesGEOM2101City Campus1746
Surveying 412YesGEOM2093City Campus1745
Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry 212YesGEOM2086City Campus1742
Engineering Surveying 112YesGEOM2104City Campus1687
Cadastral Surveying 212YesGEOM2102City Campus1686
Geodesy12YesGEOM2119City Campus1690
Research Procedures12GEOM2124City Campus1777
Select and Complete One (1) Course from the following list of Program Options:
Course TitleCredit PointsPrereqs/ CoreqsCourse CodeCampusSemester 1 ClassSemester 2 Class
Accounting in Organisations and Society12ACCT1046City Campus21812267
Business Advisory Services12YesACCT1022City Campus21792265
Digital Business Design and Innovation12ISYS1051City Campus22552214
Database Concepts12YesISYS1057City Campus26302592
Introduction to Programming12YesCOSC1519City Campus17751726
Mathematics and Statistics12YesMATH2123City Campus25722523
Project Management Concepts12BUSM3307City Campus31203116
Resource Management12ENVI1098City Campus1494
Sustainable Futures12ENVI1153City Campus2244(FF)
Statutory Planning and Environmental Regulation12ARCH1059City Campus2223(FF)
Property Economics12BUIL1149City Campus31833133
Alternative Dispute Resolution12HWSS1144City Campus1807(FF)
Civil Law12YesJUST2315City Campus1731(FF)

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Year Four of Program

Complete the following Six (6) Courses:
Course TitleCredit PointsPrereqs/ CoreqsCourse CodeCampusSemester 1 ClassSemester 2 Class
Land Development12GEOM2075City Campus1731
Geospatial Science Major Project A12YesGEOM2114City Campus1747
Engineering Surveying 212YesGEOM1060City Campus1558
Survey Network Design and Analysis12YesGEOM2121City Campus1691
Professional Practice12YesGEOM2116City Campus1689
Geospatial Science Major Project B12YesGEOM2115City Campus1688
Select and Complete Two (2) Courses from any:
University Elective

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