BH049 - Bachelor of Arts (International Studies) (Honours)

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Plan: BH049 - Bachelor of Arts (International Studies) (Honours)
Campus: City Campus

Program delivery and structure

Approach to learning and assessment
Work integrated learning
Program structure
Program transition plan

Approach to learning and assessment

Throughout the program, you will be encouraged to critically consider how knowledge about social, political, cultural, environmental and related issues are constructed and represented in political and public debate in various global social, economic and political contexts.

The Honours program will complement your undergraduate degree by providing research and theoretical approaches to new and existing knowledge of international issues.

The program uses a variety of teaching and learning approaches, including:

  • Interactive coursework seminars that develop theoretical knowledge and research skills
  • Opportunities for collaborative learning and peer review
  • Individual self-paced research in conjunction with expert supervision

Assessment activities might incorporate written, oral, group and online components and assessment feedback will be timely, constructive and detailed. This assessment strategy will allow you to demonstrate high level understanding of the contemporary theoretical and policy field as well as develop essential capabilities that will enable you to successfully complete your thesis project.

If you have a long term medical condition, disability and/or other form of disadvantage it may be possible to negotiate variations to aspects of the learning or assessment methods. You can contact the program coordinator or the Equitable Learning Services unit (ELS),  ( if you would like to find out more. 

If you have already developed areas of skill and knowledge included in this program (for example, through prior studies or work experience), you can apply for credit once you have enrolled in this program. There is information on the RMIT University website about how to apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) students/enrolment/credit/he

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Work integrated learning

This program does not include work integrated learning, as one year honours programs are focused on research. This research degree builds your skills in research through experiences which reflect the context and practice of research in industry, community and academic settings including submitting or presenting work to independent and peer review.

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Program Structure

For students who commence their study in this program from 1 January 2016 onwards, your mark in all courses in which you enrol in this program will be included in the weighted average mark that will determine the honours level of your award once you have completed the program.

For more information about the weighted average mark, please click here

To graduate you must complete the following: 

All courses listed may not be available each semester.


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Year One

Complete the following Five (5) Courses:

Course Title

Credit Points

Course Code


Engaged in Research 12 HUSO2313 City Campus
Research Strategies (Honours) 12 HUSO1222 City Campus
Critical Readings in Global Studies 12 HUSO2376 City Campus
Honours Thesis Part A 24 HUSO2374 City Campus
Honours Thesis Part B 36 HUSO2375 City Campus

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Program transition plan

In 2016, the program BH049 Bachelor of Arts (International Studies) (Honours) will update its program structure. The existing structure will have its last intake in 2015. All students including current and new commencing students after this date will enrol into the newly amended program structure effective Semester 1, 2016.

If you are an existing student you will be provided with a study plan and a transition map of same or equivalent courses based on the table below. Your academic progress will be considered and reviewed with an academic advisor.

If you are undertaking a reduced load, are on Leave of Absence (LOA), or have deferred studies you will not be disadvantaged by the change of program structure.

You will not incur any extra costs or be required to complete extra credit points as a result of this change in program structure.

Equivalence Table

Old Courses Credit Points   Equivalent Credit Points
HUSO1222 Research Strategies – Social Sciences 12 HUSO1222 Research Strategies (Honours) 12
HUSO2195 Nationalism to Globalism 12 HUSO2376 Critical Readings in Global Studies 12
Any approved Honours Elective 12 HUSO2313 Engaged in Research 12
HUSO2313 Thesis Preparation 12 HUSO2374 Honours Thesis Part A 24
AND one Honours Thesis option
HUSO2118 Honours Thesis A 12
HUSO2126 Honours Thesis B 36 HUSO2375 Honours Thesis Part B 36
SOCU2083 Honours Thesis 1 24
SOCU2084 Honours Thesis 2 24
Total Credit Points: 96 Total Credit Points: 96


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