BH116 - Bachelor of Surveying (Honours)

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Plan: BH116P23 - Bachelor of Surveying (Honours)
Campus: City Campus

Learning outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes Statement

The program is designed for students who wish to become professional Surveyors. The structure and content of the program were developed with advice from an industry-based program advisory committee.

Upon completion of BH116 - Bachelor of Surveying (Honours), you will have achieved the following Program Learning Outcomes:

PLO1. Apply advanced and coherent knowledge of theories, principles, concepts, technologies and practices that underpin the significance of surveying in society. 

PLO2. Critically analyse and evaluate information, standards, methods, tools, and practices in the role of a Surveyor.

PLO3. Apply standard and advanced research principles and methodology to design and implement industrial and research projects to address complex real-world problems, and make original contribution to the current body of knowledge.

PLO 4 Critically analyse and synthesize principles of scientific inquiry using surveying methods linked to theory in order to verify their accuracy and recognise  the importance of replication and generalisation.  

PLO 5 Critically evaluate and communicate research findings to diverse audiences utilising contemporary and traditional formats employing integrity and culturally safe practices. 

PLO 6: Work independently, with agility, safety, and accountability for own learning and professional future.   

PLO 7  Make use of professional practices to achieve learning excellence within multi-disciplinary teams and in adherence with the regulatory frameworks of a Surveyor and First Nations knowledges and input.

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