BH129 - Bachelor of Laboratory Medicine (Honours)

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Plan: BH129 - Bachelor of Laboratory Medicine (Honours)
Campus: Bundoora Campus

Learning outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes Statement

Upon completion of Bachelor of Laboratory Medicine (Honours), you will have achieved the following Program Learning Outcomes:

PLO1: Apply coherent and advanced laboratory medicine theories, concepts and evidence in various real-world settings using a scientific approach.

PLO2: Apply systematic thinking and a range of high-level analytical skills using a blend of digital and traditional tools and technologies to solve complex scientific and medical problems.

PLO3: Apply research principles and methodology to design and implement a laboratory medicine research project to address complex real-world scientific challenges, and make original contribution to disciplinary knowledge.

PLO4: Demonstrate the ability to generate and evaluate solutions to all aspects of interdisciplinary professional practice while complying with ethical, legal and regulatory standards that underpins the field of laboratory medicine.

PLO5: Communicate and collaborate to diverse audiences utilising contemporary and traditional formats related to laboratory medicine employing integrity, inclusivity and culturally safe practices.

PLO6: Demonstrate responsibility and accountability for own learning and professional practice as part of a multidisciplinary team.

PLO7: Apply and demonstrate the cultural intelligence and cultural safety to practice, with consideration of the experience and perspectives of First Nations peoples and the global community in all aspects of work.

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