BP220 - Bachelor of Communication (Journalism)

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Plan: BP220 - Bachelor of Communication (Journalism)
Campus: City Campus

Learning outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes Statement

Through a combination of reflective, theory-based learning and practical training you will develop the skills you will need for entry into the print, television, radio or online news media. In addition, you will examine and analyse the theories and ethics that underpin journalism in the modern multimedia environment.

An understanding of broader cultural, historical and theoretical issues will be developed through your Minor studies courses. 

On completion of the program, you will be able to:

  • Discuss and analyse major evolving local and international events.
  • Develop practical and technical skills to quickly adapt to current and future changes in the industry
  • Apply a body of theoretical and practical knowledge and specific skills in journalism in which to base your professional practice or future study
  • Critically analyse, synthesize and reflect on your discipline in both local and international contexts
  • Demonstrate creativity, critical thinking and innovation when identifying and solving problems in diverse contexts within the discipline
  • Communicate using diverse formats and strategies to audiences within and external to your discipline
  • Work with others in a range of roles and contexts, demonstrating cultural, environmental and social awareness and ethical and reflective practice
  • Apply initiative and judgment in planning, problem solving and decision making in your practice or future study
  • Identify, evaluate and critically analyse cultural, historical and theoretical practices which contextualise your professional practice and further study
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