BP319 - Bachelor of Health, Physical Education and Sport (Secondary)

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Plan: BP319 - Bachelor of Health, Physical Education and Sport (Secondary)
Campus: Bundoora Campus

Learning outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes Statement

As a graduate of this program you will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate broad and coherent theoretical and technical knowledge in practical applications in Health, Physical Education and Sport
  2. Consolidate and synthesise expert content and pedagogical content knowledge and apply evidence-based high-impact teaching strategies in professional practice
  3. Analyse and evaluate student-centred learning approaches to plan effectively for differentiation in health, physical education and sport
  4. Apply initiative, curiosity, creativity, judgement, critical thinking and problem solving skills and demonstrate the capacity to work responsibly, both individually and collaboratively, to address challenges in local and global contexts
  5. Create a safe and engaging learning environment using inclusive strategies, sustainable practices and digital technologies for diverse audiences
  6. Analyse assessment outcomes to evaluate the impact on student learning and inform future teaching strategies
  7. Demonstrate commitment to professional learning by being an independent, ethical and critically reflective learner, adapting to meet the demands of the profession and to inform future practices
  8. Communicate effectively with different stakeholders in diverse educational contexts through a range of communication modes and digital technologies
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