BP328 - Bachelor of Fashion (Design)

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Plan: BP328 - Bachelor of Fashion (Design)
Campus: Brunswick Campus

Learning outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes Statement

As a graduate you will develop the following program learning outcomes:

  1. Demonstrate extensive and coherent knowledge of fashion design with depth and expertise in one or more areas of practice.
  2. Develop conceptual, technical, creative and communication skills to deepen and consolidate knowledge of fashion design.
  3. Apply fashion design knowledge and skills to identify and creatively respond to contemporary issues in local and global practice.
  4. Critically analyse, synthesise and reflect on fashion design knowledge and techniques, in local and global practices.
  5. Demonstrate creative, critical fashion design and thinking that recognises the key concerns of contemporary fashion design industries.
  6. Communicate and produce fashion using a diverse range of presentation mediums and materials in industry specific and broader design contexts.
  7. Demonstrate, through individual and collaborative critical and reflective practice, an awareness of the cultural, social, ethical and environmental contexts of fashion design.
  8. Initiate, develop and realise fashion design projects, either individually or in collaboration with industry, community partners or for future study.
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