BP330 - Bachelor of Space Science

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Plan: BP330P23 - Bachelor of Space Science
Campus: City Campus

Learning outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes Statement

The BP330 Bachelor of Space Science program has a student-focused approach that aims at developing generalist skill levels in the scientific and technical disciplines required by the space industry. You will have a sound scientific knowledge and option to include engineering fundamentals as a foundation for a professional career in the space industry; as well as a basis for life-long learning in a rapidly changing global market shaped by economic, cultural, environmental and regulatory forces.

Upon completion of BP330 Bachelor of Space Science, you will have achieved the following Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs):

PLO 1. Apply a broad and coherent knowledge of scientific theories, principles, concepts and practices, relevant to the field of space science and technology with multi-disciplinary collaboration

PLO 2. Analyse and critically examine scientific evidence using methods, technical skills, tools and emerging technologies in space science

PLO 3. Analyse and apply principles of scientific inquiry and critical evaluation to address real-world space science challenges and inform evidence based decision making

PLO 4. Communicate, report and reflect on practices relevant to the field of space science, to diverse audiences utilising a variety  of formats employing professional integrity and culturally safe practices.

PLO 5. Work independently, with agility, safety, and accountability for own learning and professional future.

PLO 6.Collaborate and contribute within diverse, multi-disciplinary teams, with commitment to diversity, equity and globally inclusive perspectives and practices including First Nations knowledges and input

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