BP344 - Bachelor of Business Professional Practice

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Plan: BP344 - Bachelor of Business Professional Practice
Campus: City Campus

Learning outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes Statement

 Upon the completion of the Bachelor of Business Professional Practice, you will be able to:  

  1. Explain your role as a local, national and global citizen and be able to apply these perspectives in business contexts. 

  2. Integrate business knowledge, social intelligence and ethical decision-making in ways that are inclusive and culturally appropriate to produce outcomes that are impactful, sustainable and fair.

  3. Analyse complex challenges and formulate innovative solutions in real-world contexts. 

  4. Reflect on and continuously progress your own professional development, enhancing your intellectual agility and adaptability as tools for success in ever-changing business contexts.

  5. Coherently articulate technical and conceptual business knowledge that is both contemporary and interdisciplinary. 

  6. Compile and curate a compelling professional identity, and demonstrate autonomy, judgment and responsibility in conducting, reporting and reflecting on professional practice. 

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