BP350 - Bachelor of Science

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Plan: BP350 - Bachelor of Science
Campus: City Campus

Learning outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes Statement

Upon completion of Bachelor of Science, you will have achieved following Program Learning Outcomes:

PLO1: Apply a broad and coherent knowledge of scientific theories, principles, concepts and practice in one or more scientific disciplines.

PLO2: Analyse and critically examine scientific evidence using methods, technical skills, tools and emerging technologies in a range of scientific activities.

PLO3: Analyse and apply principles of scientific inquiry and critical evaluation to address real-world scientific challenges and inform evidence based decision making.

PLO4: Communicate, report and reflect on scientific findings, to diverse audiences utilising a variety of formats employing integrity and culturally safe practices.

PLO5: Work independently, with agility, safety, and accountability for own learning and professional future.

PLO6: Collaborate and contribute within diverse, multi-disciplinary teams, with commitment to diversity, equity and globally inclusive perspectives and practices including First Nations knowledges and input.

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