C5387 - Diploma of Dental Technology

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Plan: C5387 - Diploma of Dental Technology
Campus: City Campus

Program delivery and structure

Approach to learning and assessment
Work integrated learning
Program structure
Program transition plan

Approach to learning and assessment

The program is delivered through:

  • on the job training (apprenticeship) - skills you develop can be captured and evidenced as practical competency attainment.
  • face to face classroom or online via Collaborate sessions for theory components
  • extensive practical work in the laboratories at the Royal Dental Hospital

All of the teaching staff are qualified and experienced Dental Technologists and are available to contact outside the classroom for additional support, by appointment.

Assessment will include a range of activities:

  • assignments
  • short answer and multiple choice written assessments 
  • practical  exercises in a  laboratory setting. 

All students will have access to the RMIT online learning platform to access resources, learning materials and assessments. it is also the platform for submission of written assessments and capture workplace evidence. 

If you have a long term medical condition, disability and/or other form of disadvantage it may be possible to negotiate to vary aspects of the learning or assessment methods. You can contact the Program Moordinator or the Equitable Learning Services (ELS) if you would like to find out more.

Information relating to Covid

Please note that this program’s courses (whether core, option, or university elective courses) may have mandatory in-person attendance or assessment to pass the course.

If you are choosing to enrol in a course which has mandatory in-person attendance or assessment, you will need to comply with RMIT vaccination requirements which are applicable during the duration of the course. This RMIT requirement includes being vaccinated against COVID-19 or holding a valid medical exemption. 

Please read this RMIT Enrolment Procedure as it has important information regarding COVID vaccination and your study at RMIT: https://policies.rmit.edu.au/document/view.php?id=209.

Please read the Student website for additional requirements of in-person attendance: https://www.rmit.edu.au/covid/coming-to-campus


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Work integrated learning

RMIT University is committed to providing you with an education that strongly links formal learning with workplace experience. As a student enrolled in this RMIT University program you will be assessed on structured activities that allow you to learn, apply and demonstrate vocational competency.

If you are working, as an apprentice you will also be learning while at work and may have the opportunity to be assessed in your workplace for some or all of your courses. Feedback from work supervisors and others in the workplace can be used as evidence of competency, and an RMIT University assessor can visit your workplace to observe your work practice.

This program provides work related projects in the learning activities and assessment. You will be learning as you are doing professional work, jobs and tasks while in employment or in a simulated environment. The feedback you get from your supervisor and others on WIL activities and assessment will be vital for your learning. The program prepares and supports you for these experiences. 

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Program Structure

This qualification requires the completion of 25 units - 21 core units and 4 elective units.

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C5387 Courses

C5387 Core Units - Select ALL Twenty-One (21) Courses

Course Title

Nominal Hours

Course Code


Communicate and work in health or community services (CHCCOM005) 30 EMPL7091C City Campus
Work with diverse people (CHCDIV001) 40 EMPL7092C City Campus
Provide first aid (HLTAID003) 18 OHTH5899C City Campus
Construct models (HLTDET001) 40 DENT5861C City Campus
Construct custom impression trays (HLTDET002) 30 DENT5862C City Campus
Construct registration rims (HLTDET003) 30 DENT5863C City Campus
Articulate models and transfer records (HLTDET004) 20 DENT5864C City Campus
Construct thermoformed bases and appliances (HLTDET005) 35 DENT5865C City Campus
Construct immediate dentures (HLTDET006) 60 DENT5866C City Campus
Construct removable acrylic partial dentures (HLTDET007) 60 DENT5867C City Campus
Construct cast alloy removable partial denture framework (HLTDET008) 80 DENT5868C City Campus
Construct crown and bridge structures (HLTDET009) 90 DENT5869C City Campus
Join alloy structures (HLTDET010) 30 DENT5870C City Campus
Construct ceramic and fixed restorations (HLTDET011) 120 DENT5871C City Campus
Construct orthodontic appliances (HLTDET012) 60 DENT5872C City Campus
Construct oral splints (HLTDET013) 30 DENT5873C City Campus
Repair and modify dentures and appliances (HLTDET014) 40 DENT5874C City Campus
Construct complete removable acrylic dentures and appliances (HLTDET015) 150 DENT5875C City Campus
Comply with infection prevention and control policies and procedures (HLTINF001) 25 OHTH5930C City Campus
Maintain work health and safety (HLTWHS003) 40 OHTH5950C City Campus
Design digital dental restorations and appliances using computer-aided design (CAD) (HLTDET016) 100 DENT5879C City Campus
C5387 Elective Units - Select Four (4) Courses

Course Title

Nominal Hours

Course Code


Deliver and monitor a service to customers (BSBCUS301) 35 MKTG7965C City Campus
Set up a business or records system for a small business (BSBRKG403) 40 OFFC5325C City Campus
Construct dental restorations and appliances using computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) (HLTDET017) 80 DENT5880C City Campus
Promote Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander cultural safety (CHCDIV002) 25 HUSO5218C City Campus

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Program transition plan

To ensure training packages are responsive to industry priorities for new and updated skills, they are monitored and reviewed during their endorsement period. Sometimes the outcome of a review is that a qualification is superseded by a new version of the qualification, or a new qualification altogether.

RMIT maintains the currency of its programs in accordance with its accreditation requirements.

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