DR221 - PhD (Computer Science)

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Plan: DR221 - Doctor of Philosophy
Campus: City Campus

Learning outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes Statement

Graduates of the Doctor of Philosophy will have developed the skills required to conduct independent research and will have contributed to the knowledge base of research in their chosen field by undertaking an original, substantial and rigorous research project.

Graduates of a Doctoral Degree will have:

- a substantial body of knowledge at the frontier of a field of work or learning, including knowledge that constitutes an original contribution

- substantial knowledge of research principles and methods applicable to the field of work or learning

- cognitive skills to demonstrate expert understanding of theoretical knowledge and to reflect critically on that theory and practice

- cognitive skills and use of intellectual independence to think critically, evaluate existing knowledge and ideas, undertake systematic investigation and reflect on theory and practice to generate original knowledge

- expert technical and creative skills applicable to the field of work or learning

- communication skills to explain and critique theoretical propositions, methodologies and conclusions

- communication skills to present cogently a complex investigation of originality or original research for external examination against international standards to peers and the community

- expert skills to design, implement, analyse, theorise and communicate research that makes a significant and original contribution to knowledge and/or professional practice

Graduates of a Doctoral Degree will demonstrate the application of these knowledge and skills:

- with intellectual independence

- with initiative and creativity in new situations and/or for further learning

- with full responsibility and accountability for personal outputs

- to plan and execute original research

- with the ongoing capacity to generate new knowledge, including in the context of professional practice


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