GC036 - Graduate Certificate in Cyber Security

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Plan: GC036O - Graduate Certificate in Cyber Security
Campus: City Campus

Program delivery and structure

Approach to learning and assessment
Work integrated learning
Program structure

Approach to learning and assessment

The program is offered through a flexible combination of online lectures and tutorials. There are also opportunities for you to participate in team-based projects and be engaged in consulting activities. 

The following are details of learning activities contained in the program:

  • Primarily, you will be learning online with the lecturers delivering course and other relevant materials. The lecturers will elucidate course materials through explanation of key concepts. This will be further illustrated with demonstrations and examples.
  • Assessment will test your understanding of course materials. Provision for this will include written assignments and/or project works and written examinations.
  • Tutorials will provide you with extra assistance if you encounter difficulties. Content of the tutorials will also enhance problem solving skills.
  • Group participation through discussions and seminar presentations will encourage teamwork.
  • Consulting project works will provide practice in the application of theory to analysis of real world problems.
  • You are encouraged to seek learning materials from other sources such as libraries and the internet.

State-of-the-art cyber security software used in the program will provide you with hands-on-experience required for analysis of data.
If you have a long term medical condition, disability and/or other form of disadvantage it may be possible to negotiate to vary aspects of the learning or assessment methods. You can contact the program coordinator or the Equitable Learning Service if you would like to find out more.

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Work integrated learning

RMIT University is committed to providing you with an education that strongly links formal learning with professional or vocational practice. As a student enrolled in this RMIT University program you will:

  • undertake and be assessed on structured activities that allow you to learn, apply and demonstrate your professional or vocational practice;
  • interact with industry and community when undertaking these activities;
  • complete these activities in real work contexts or situations; and
  • these interactions and the work context provide a distinctive source of feedback to you to assist your learning.

Any or all of these aspects of a WIL experience may be in a simulated workplace environment.

In this program, you will be doing specific course(s) that focus on work integrated learning (WIL).  You will be assessed on professional or vocational work in a work place setting (real or simulated) and receive feedback from those involved in your industry.

The designated WIL course is: INTE1122 Case Studies in Cyber Security

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Program Structure

To graduate you must complete the following: All courses listed may not be available each semester:

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Year One of Program

Complete the following Four (4) Courses:

Course Title

Credit Points

Course Code


Case Studies in Cyber Security 12 INTE1122 City Campus
Introduction to Information Security 12 INTE1120 City Campus
Structures of Cyberspace 12 INTE2573 City Campus
Programming Fundamentals 12 COSC2531 City Campus

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