GC036 - Graduate Certificate in Cyber Security

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Plan: GC036P18 - Graduate Certificate in Cyber Security
Campus: City Campus

Learning outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes Statement

Upon completion of this certificate you will have achieved the following program learning outcomes. Each of these program learning outcomes is developed in much greater depth in the MC159 Master of Cyber Security. 

Program Learning Outcomes
Graduates of this program will:

1)    International Orientation and Strategic Thinking

  • Demonstrate a strategic and practical overview of complex issues in cyber security.

2)    Critical Analysis and Problem Solving

  • Evaluate cyber security risks across diverse service settings including the Internet and WWW based commerce systems, high bandwidth digital communications and funds transfer services,
  • Undertake professional careers or postgraduate research in cyber security or other IT related fields, acquiring the required information needed to identify real world solutions to real world cyber security problems.

3) Communication

  • Communicate effectively both technical and non-technical material in a range of forms (written, electronic, graphic, oral) and to tailor the style and means of communication to different audiences.

4) Ethical Values

  • Demonstrate an advanced ability to appreciate the ethical considerations that inform judgments and decision making in academic and professional settings.

5) Responsibility

  • You will be required to accept responsibility for your own learning and make informed decisions about judging and adopting appropriate behaviour in professional and social situations. This includes accepting the responsibility for independent life-long learning and a high level of accountability.
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