GC211 - Graduate Certificate in Supply Chain Automation

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Plan: GC211 - Graduate Certificate in Supply Chain Automation
Campus: City Campus

Learning outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes Statement

In this program you will be equipped with the skills, knowledge and mindsets to contribute to the evaluation, implementation and operations of supply chain automation technology. You will develop the data literacy and analytical rigour to identify opportunities to advise on automation application.

Specifically, as a graduate of this program you will have developed the following program learning outcomes:

  1. Apply advanced analytical techniques to model a range of supply chain scenarios and critically interpret the resultant information to enhance business decision making.
  2. Critically evaluate the practical applicability of contemporary supply chain and logistics knowledge to ensure the feasibility of supply chain automation initiatives.
  3. Analyse complex logistical challenges and formulate innovative solutions in real-world supply chain contexts.
  4. Apply systems thinking to holistically evaluate supply chains to solve contemporary business problems.
  5. Coherently articulate technical and conceptual supply chain and logistics knowledge to a range of stakeholders.
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